8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks
8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks

A matte lip no longer means you have to look parched.

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend top to bottom: Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Kinda Sexy, NARS Cruella, Revlon Sultry, YSL 19 Fuchsia, Tom Ford Black Dahlia, Maybelline Touch of Spice, MAC Mehr, Sephora Collection M03

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

8 Comfortable Matte Lipsticks drugstore and highend

Sephora Collection

In my opinion, Sephora’s own brand of makeup is very underhyped. They have some amazing products, and their Rouge Matte Collection is a really great line. I have the shade M03 No Superstar*, a mauve color that is very pigmented, creamy and extremely comfortable on the lips. It’s one of my most used shades for everyday.


Some matte lipsticks from MAC are super drying, but a good amount are comfortable and creamy. My personal faves that I wear for everyday are Mehr, Velvet Teddy, and Kinda Sexy. All three are pigmented and glide on to the lips easily.


I don’t know why I waited so long to try their Creamy Matte lipsticks, but I’m so glad I did. I’ve had several shades for over a year now, and I love them all. But, Touch of Spice is my go to. Again, it’s a browny pink shade that is perfect for every day and just so easy to toss in your bag and apply throughout the day without a mirror.

Tom Ford

If you’re willing to shell out $53 a lipstick then you have to try their matte lip colors. I only own two Tom Ford lippies and they’re both matte. Black Dahlia is a deep berry while First Time (not pictured) is a peachy pink nude. I have done a color dupe post for Black Dahlia, but the TF formula is just so velvety, smooth and comfortable.


I highly suggest trying out some YSL lippies because they’re some of my favorites. But, their Rouge Pur Couture range has a ton of colors so you’re bound to find one you like. The shades 19 Fuchsia* and 9 Rose Stiletto* (not pictured) technically have a satin finish, but their slight shine fades rather quickly. So, they end up looking matte on the lips as the day wears on, and that is how I prefer them. Both are so creamy and smooth and don’t accentuate any dryness you might have even after the shine fades.


Their Matte Balm Stains are some of my favorite go to lip products. I love that they come in a chubby pencil form because that makes applying them an ease. Sultry is my favorite shade from their range, and it’s very similar to MAC Mehr, Maybelline Touch of Spice, and the Sephora collection lipstick I talked about earlier. These matte balms really are a godsend for anyone who loves a matte lip, but doesn’t want to look thirsty.


Another lipstick that comes in a pencil form are the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. These are some of my all time favorite matte lippies because they’re so pigmented and smooth, but Cruella has been go to at the moment. I did a whole review on my collection here.

Marc Jacobs

The shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the only lipstick I have from their Le Marc Lip Creme line, but it’s such a gorgeous formula that I need more. It has a slight sheen that does fade quickly so it wears like a creamy matte on the lips.

Do you have any favorite comfortable matte lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I LOVED this post!! I love Velvet Teddy, Kinds Sexy, Mehr & Cruella so I’ve added the others to my wishlist xx


  • I totally have to try YSL! Brill post x

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  • thanks for sharing these, the swatches are so pretty. I adore Mehr and Velvet Teddy too.

  • Susan

    Okay, I want all your lipsticks! Great great shades.
    Another line to add is Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution. They are my fav.


  • Rebecca Fletcher

    My best friend swears by the Revlon ones but Ive surprisingly never tried them. I would love to try the YSL ones.


  • Lovely post! I love Maybelline Touch of Spice.I want to try the TF matte lipsticks.

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

    • They’re so good. I want to try more TF lippies (and makeup in general!)

  • I am all about this post, the main reason why I don’t like wearing matte is because they are normally drying after a few four hours. great recommendations :)
    Kathy x

    • Hopefully you found this helpful :). I love a matte lip, but they can be drying!

  • Velvet teddy is one of the best matte lipsticks. I feel like Mac’s matte formula works so well.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

    • Velvet Teddy is amazing. So not shocked that it’s a favorite of so many.

  • Hao

    I really need to try Velvet Teddy! It looks beautiful.

    I’m a super huge fan of the Burberry Velvet Lip and Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Lip Talk Chiffon (WHAT A MOUTFUL THOUGHH) Lipsticks. They both have amazing formulas and the most comfortable matte finish.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

    • Girl yes, it’s amazing! Ooh I need to try both even though I don’t need to add any more lip colors to my collection haha!

  • Pretty shades they are! Would love to try these one by one :D Plus I’m a big fan of matte lipsticks!


    • Me too :). Love matte lips especially for fall/winter :). I hope you give them a try!

  • Beautiful shades! I think the matte lippie stix from Colourpop are pretty comfortable too.

    Instagram | Blog

  • I love a good matte lipstick! I’d say that the Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipsticks are up there for me for longevity and comfort. I do like some MAC lipsticks (Persistence and Twig are quite comfortable), although some (ahem – Ruby Woo) are the life suckers of lips. That Sephora lipstick shade looks gorrrrgeous though – definitely major heart eyes for that one!

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

    • Girl I still need to try CT lippies! Ruby Woo is definitely not for the easily dehydrated lol. I checked and they changed it to a “retro matte” formula since it’s. so. dry.

  • I’m obsess with matte lipsticks and I love these brands :)


  • The MAC Retro Mattes are pretty drying, but they are nowhere near as bad as liquid lipsticks, especially Colourpop’s…my favorite matte lipsticks are from MAC, NYX (love their soft mattes!), and now Clinique’s new pop matte line!


    • Their retro mattes are r o u g h! I haven’t tried the new Clinique pop matte line. Need to get on it! Thanks for the recommendation :)

  • Thanks for the recommendations! I find that some mattes are too dry and i am constantly trying to touch up my lips!


    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

    • Yes! Some mattes really are very drying and make my lips look really pruney.. not cute.

  • Maybelline’s lipsticks in general are probably my favorite and I agree that they their matte shades are insanely comfortable! Even their long wear lipsticks feel like heaven. They’ve stepped up their game so much!

    Katie | http://www.overthemoony.com

    • I haven’t tried their long wear lipsticks. I need to try more of their lippies!

  • The NYX matte lipsticks are good and also the Estee Lauder Pure Colour ones, I love MAC mattes and would love to try a Tom Ford too, great post xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    • I haven’t tried the NYX matte or Estee Lauder Pure Colour! I need to try those next :). Definitely recommend Tom Ford!! Such a treat :)

  • I’m alllll about non-drying, comfy mattes, because my lips are permanently dry as is! I love MAC Velvet Teddy and NARS Cruella. Great picks!

    Olive & Ivy

    • Haha my lips are permanently dry in the winter and I hate it! Those are two of my favorites :)

  • I love this post – so pretty. Where did you get the make-up bag? It’s gorge!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • Mac Mehr has become a staple for me, especially over the top of Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, quite the nude dream team!
    xxx Claire

    • Ooh I don’t have Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, but that sounds like a dream :)

  • Samileen

    Like I have said before we have a very very verryyy similar choice. And Nars Cruella is my all time favorite red and formula too. You should definitely try Nars Dolce Vita :)

    Sam || Marc Jacobs Air Blush Giveaway