BareMinerals Invisible Light Duo Review (and How They Compare to Hourglass Powders)

Bare Minerals Invisible Light Duo review
Bare Minerals Invisible Light Duo review

You know I’m a fan of Hourglass powders so when I saw the new BareMinerals Invisible Light Duo, I had to have it since they look so similar!

BareMinerals Invisible Light Duo review (and how they compare to Hourglass Powders)

Bare Minerals Invisible Light Duo review

Bare Minerals Invisible Light Duo review

The Good |

  • Versatile (matte side and glow side)
  • Natural, subtle glow
  • Blends easily
  • Finely milled
  • Perfect for natural makeup

The Bad |

  • Not for those who like an intense glow
  • Matte side may not be ideal for oily skin types

The Comparison |

  • Similar to the Hourglass Strobe Lighting Powders, but with a translucent base
  • Less expensive ($32 vs $38)
  • More subtle on the skin

The matte side of this duo is a translucent white setting powder that is very thin and lightweight so if you have a problem with cakey-ness then a powder this thin and smooth should sort that out. I have combo skin and this is great for adding a satin-matte finish to the skin. However, if you have oily skin and get pretty oily throughout the day, this powder may not keep you matte all day long.

The glow side of the duo is also very thin and lightweight, and it gives the skin that glow from within look. This is different from any glowy products I have–and I have a lot as you may know– because it’s translucent so it doesn’t really have a color; it just adds a glow. It’s honestly the weirdest/coolest thing because it’s literally invisible (hence the name) once blended out, but the subtle sparkles light up the skin and add radiance.

Both powders don’t look like much when swatched on the skin, but are gorgeous once you actually use a brush to apply it.

Compared to Hourglass, this reminds me most of the Strobe Lighting Powders, but with a translucent base, and it is more subtle. The Hourglass powder packs a little bit more punch and adds more glow to the skin, but you can easily build up the BareMinerals glow powder as well.

Bare Minerals Invisible Light Duo | Left to right: Matte, Glow, Hourglass Brilliant Strobe Light, Hourglass Dim Light Ambient Light

Bare Minerals Invisible Light Duo | Swatches L to R: Matte, Glow, Hourglass Brilliant Strobe Light, Hourglass Dim Light Ambient Light

The Verdict |

This is a really nice duo for anyone who is into natural, lightweight makeup. During the spring/summer I tend to go for less makeup because of the heat so this duo is perfect for those hot, minimal makeup days. Although they’re not exactly like the Hourglass powders, I’d say the glow side is a great less expensive alternative for the Strobe Lighting Powders.

Have you tried this duo? Are you going to pick it up? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Yes! I was waiting for this review as I was curious to hear how similar the powders are to the Hourglass powders.

    • Aww yay! Are you interested in this duo?

      • I still have my Hourglass powder palette that I have to use up so maybe after that. I’m trying not to buy everything that I see :))) but it’s hard.

        • Girl SAME. This month I’m trying to go on a no buy. I’ve been pretty good (minus one thing haha), but you’re right, it’s hard and we still have another 18 days to this month -___-

  • I’m slowly becoming a highlighter junkie and really do like the look of these hourglass look a likes and their less expensive as well. I might have to have a look at these the next time I’m near a bare minerals counter. Thanks for sharing. :) xx



    • I’m glad you found it helpful :). Definitely give them a swatch! Though, the swatches don’t do it justice!

  • oo i haven’t even heard of this product but it sounds great! i am so into highlighter right now so i am sure i would love this!

    • I think it’s fairly new because when I ordered it on there weren’t any reviews! It is gorgeous though, but I do have to say that I still love my HG powders the most!

  • Samileen

    Oh wow I didnt even know this existed. But looks like a smart product! I will definitely be having a look at it the next time I’m near a bare minerals counter.

    Sam || Beautydetour

  • I haven’t tried the hourglass strobing powders or the bare minerals duo but they both look beautiful. I love that it comes with both a shimmery side and a matte side! I also have combination skin so it sounds perfect for me. Thanks for the rec :D

    • Yay, I’m glad it was helpful! I also love that it contains both because it’s much more travel friendly and great for quick morning makeup days.

  • I’ve seen this and it is quite intriguing. I was also very curious how similar it was to the Hourglass powders so thank you for the review. Because of your review/swatch I realize I actually don’t need this…Haha x

    • Haha I don’t blame you! I don’t need it either, but couldn’t resist because it looked so much like the HG powders ;P

  • These look sooo similar to the hourglass ones, but the packaging maybe isn’t as stunning. I think both brands work nicely though, or so it looks like.

    • The packaging definitely as stunning! HG packaging is just so luxe and sleek.

  • Hmm….I think I’ll stick to Hourglass and skip this. I have dry skin and I love my glow so while I might come across as a prat for saying this, I rather pay extra to get Hourglass. Thank you for your swatch and review, it’s very detailed and helped me make up my mind.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • You don’t sound like a prat at all! I still love my HG powders more and do not mind paying extra for them :P

  • These look lovely even though Im not a natural makeup kinda girl lol. Shall make sure to swatch them! x

  • It’s the first time I hear about these powders! Not sure if we can get them in UK but I’m very intrigued as I love Hourglass powders as well and I’m a big fan of subtle ‘glow from within’ look :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • Hopefully you can get a hold of this in the UK! It’s a lovely duo :)

  • Stephanie
  • I am typing this comment as I am waiting for my shipment of this pretty :) It should be here any minute now!
    I actually read your review when it first posted and ordered it right away. I think it’s such a pretty palette, I hope I like it too!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed