ColourPop Back To The 90s

ColourPop Back To The 90s review and swatches
ColourPop Back To The 90s Central Perk, Boy Band, and Topanga

ColourPop is taking it back; all the way back to the 90s. I, along with other #90sbabies, are extremely excited! It doesn’t feel like the 90s were 2 decades ago, and if that doesn’t make you feel old, this will: all of the freshmen who entered high school this year were born in either 2000 or 2001.

Now that I’ve completely freaked you out, let’s get into the ColourPop Back To The 90s collection review.

They released 10 eye shadows, 6 lippie stix, 6 lip pencils, and 2 blushes for this collection. Plus, a lippie stix set, called Back to Cool, containing 6 more lip shades, and an eye shadow set, Forever Freshmen, featuring 6 different eye shadows. So basically, there’s a lot of new shades that are all nostalgic and perfect for this fall. I only picked up two eye shadows, Boy Band and Central Perk, and one lipstick, Topanga.

ColourPop Back To The 90s review

ColourPop Back To The 90s Central Perk and Boy Band

Boy Band is a reddish copper pearlized eye shadow so it’s not super glittery or metallic. Instead, it has a sheen to it that is very beautiful. This color applies so beautifully! They all do, but this one just really blew me away for some reason. The pigmentation is on point, and is just so reminiscent of fall; it reminds me of fall leaves.

Central Perk is a beautiful dark and deep maroon shade that has a matte finish. I absolutely love this shade. It looks beautiful all over the lids or in the crease. It’s the perfect shade to pop on the eyes for a dramatic fall look or to simply add a subtle wash for a pop of something deep. It’s definitely Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and her beau Mr. Crap Bag approved!

I own other ColourPop eyeshadows, but these feel slightly more creamy and wet than the other ones, which I’m totally digging!

ColourPop Back To The 90s review, Topanga lippie stix

ColourPop Back To The 90s Lippie Stix in Topanga

Finally, I picked up a satin finish Lippie Stix in the shade Topanga. I love Boy Meets World so I had to have this. Plus, it’s a beautiful mid-tone coral shade. The formula of this Lippie Stix is amazing! It is super pigmented, glides on like butter, doesn’t pull or tug at all, is not drying or overly shiny, and lasts around 5 hours. It’s the perfect satin finish. Although this shade is more of a spring/summer color in my opinion, it’ll be a beautiful everyday color for fall because it is a deeper coral color.

ColourPop Back To The 90s swatches | top to bottom: Topanga, Boy Band, and Central Perk, colourpop 90s swatches

ColourPop Back To The 90s swatches | top to bottom: Topanga, Boy Band, and Central Perk

I really love this whole 90s theme. I think all 90s babies have a soft spot when it comes to the 90s and this whole collection really takes you back to a simpler time when technology really started taking off *insert dial up tone here*

Have you tried any ColourPop products from this line? What are your faves? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I haven’t tried anything from Colour pop but I’ve been seeing it a lot in the blogs lately. These eye shadows are beautiful and pigmented, also that lipstick is gorgeous!

    • You definitely should check them out. I love their brand a lot and it’s so affordable!

  • Yessss this make the 90s kid in me so happy. I love that they named a lippie after Topanga, I feel like BMW never gets the praise it should. Also loving the color of Central Perk, just stirs up all the nostalgia. I’ll need to check out this 90s line!

    Cindy //

    • I know, right?? My inner 90s kid is so happy with this collection lol. BMW is such a good show! Have you watched Girl Meets World? xx

      • Haha yes, I have been watching Girl Meets World. It just makes me so happy to see everyone grown up! The feels.

        • I know what you mean! I don’t know if you watched Full House and Gilmore Girls, but Netflix is bringing back Full House with everyone grown up, and supposedly they’re going to also reboot Gilmore Girls! I can’t wait!

          • Oh my goodness you just made my day. I loooove Gilmore Girls! I’m so excited to see Lorelai and Rory back at it. I did hear about Full House, but I find it strange cause John Stamos is on a new TV show, how will he have time to film both? The kid in me is so happy haha.

          • Me too! I just finished watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and would love to see more of everyone!

            I think John Stamos might just be a recurring guest on Fuller House, but I’m not sure. I know Mary Kate and Ashley won’t be returning. I hope they at least come back for a few episodes here and there! The kid in me is also very happy lol. I really hope it’s good.

  • I love the Colour Pop shadows and lippie stix! I want that shade Boy Band, it look perfect!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  • I’ve been really loving the new shades from the Ultra Matte line. Also pretty excited about their new gel liners :)

  • Dom

    This is so my cup of tea! Love those types of colors!

    • They’re really great shades for fall, and definitely colors I wear the most too :)

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Wow, great colours! <3 Topanga looks like my kind of shade :) Thank you for sharing <3

    Following on bloglovin' <3


  • Amanda CW

    Loving the packing and the shades =)

    • I love their packaging too! It’s so simple, but pretty, and their formula is so good! xx

  • I haven’t tried any ColourPop products yet but I have heard so much good things about them from KathleenLights on youtube and now I am totally hook! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Of course :). I absolutely love Kathleen Lights! I just watched her video on the new ColourPop gel liners and eye pencils; I can’t wait! xx

  • I have recently got a taste of ColourPop with the Kathleen Lights set as I won it in a giveaway but sadly if I was to order it myself to the UK it would be a total pain. I really like the two eyeshadow shades you have here Boyband & Central Perk, just gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm

    • Aww that’s awesome that you won the giveaway! How do you like the eyeshadows? I know so many people in the UK want to try ColourPop so hopefully they start shipping there soon so it’s not such a pain!

      • Absolutely loving the eyeshadows, they are just amazing & the formula is like nothing I have tried before. I really hope they start offering shipping to the UK soon as so many of use here want to try the brand x

        • Yay, I’m glad you like them! I hope they do. I hear so many people from the UK say they wish they could try ColourPop. Hopefully they’ll start shipping there soon since they’re growing more.

  • The 90´s were when I really got into makeup (I was born way before that…) and I love the memories that come with al these 90´s inspired releases.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I bet that was a fun time to really get into makeup! Sometimes I really wish I was a teenager during the 90s. The nostalgia is really what draws me in when it comes to these types of releases as well. Thanks for reading :)

      • I am glad I wasn’t influenced by the 80´s too much, the 90´s were a great way to get started. But the 70´s have to be my all time favorite decade.

  • Beautiful colours! And the swatches look incredible. Such a shame it’s hard for us to get hold of Colour Pop in the UK. Will have to make a Sephora order at some point soon.

    Renata | Diorshow Mascara Giveaway

    • Hopefully you can get your hands on them soon. They’re really great quality, so many options, and yet very inexpensive!

  • I’m dying to try Colourpop but unfortunately they don’t ship to the UK and don’t seem to be stocked anywhere that does :((( the eyeshadows look amazing and unlike anything else! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • Hopefully they will start soon! They’re growing so fast and are in such high demand internationally that I have a feeling they’ll become more accessible soon. The eyeshadows really are amazing and some of my favorites ever!

  • Really want to try Colourpop. Hopefully I’ll get around to ordering soon :-)