MY DIY Photography Studio for Under $30

My DIY photography studio for super cheap
How to make your own DIY photography studio for under $30

If you have ever been frustrated because you don’t have a lot of space to take beautiful blog photos in your home, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this one is for you! I set up a little DIY photography studio for under $30 and so far it has been treating me well; I’m finally pretty content with my set up and it didn’t cost me much!

My DIY photography studio for super cheap

How to make your own DIY photography studio for under $30

DIY Photography Studio for Under $30

My DIY photography studio for super cheap

How to make your own DIY photography studio for under $30

My DIY photography studio for super cheap

My DIY photography studio for under $30

Folding TV Tray Table

I have this little guy set up between two small windows and it’s the only table surface I use and have available. I have pretty limited space and this folding tray allows me to move my DIY photography studio wherever I please, which is why I love it! This tray can range anywhere from $5 to $15 dollars depending on where you pick it up. I picked mine up from Walmart and I believe it was $12 or $13, but I also have a spare one (hoarder status!) that I picked up from Ross for $10 so just shop around!

Poster board/ foam board

Since I prefer a white background for my flatlays, I picked up a few pieces of poster board and foam board, which will cost about $1-$5 each, again depending on where you buy it. Keep in mind, foam board is a little bit more expensive. I used to use poster board, but lately have been opting for the foam boards. I place one  flat on the table and prop another one up on the windowsill to use as a reflector.

Adhesive Putty

Since I have a window behind my table, I generally don’t cover it up, but when I do want a white background for standing product shots, I stick some poster board up against the window with some adhesive putty. It costs about $2, doesn’t damage the wall and you can take it off and reuse it– win win!

So this little DIY photography studio is my solution to 1) not having a lot of table surface and 2) not having lots of huge windows to set up near. I know a lot of people set some poster board on the floor near a large, long window, which makes things a lot easier and cheaper, but the windows in my house aren’t very tall so this is a great way to get closer to the light source on the cheap!

What is your photography set up like? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Love your setup! Mine actually looks very similar except my table top is black and I use a white poster board on top! Lol


  • kate_winford

    That is so awesome! I bought a fancy light tent and lights but what has worked even better for me is just setting a white art canvas outside in the natural light. I also use a marble tile (that I got for $2 from Home Depot)!


  • I always love reading photography tip posts! This one is awesome because I shoot in a very small space as well! I never thought of using adhesive putty to hang a backdrop!

  • Cool setup!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  • Dom

    Oh this is really lovely! I just use white pasteboard in natural daylight as well and I’ve found that it works better than taking photos indoors! Great tips! xo

  • Bernadette

    I loved reading this. At the end of the year i am going into a different (bigger bedroom) in my house so i’m going to have a lot more space. My current beauty table is white and when i move to that bedroom, it’s going to be a table soley for taking blog photos. So I’m already looking for soft boxes and those umbrella things. that white foam board trick sounds good because i wanted to get more into standing up shots.

  • Really happy I came across this post as limited photography space is a big issue for me. Thanks for all the great tips can’t wait to try them out!! Tash x

  • Susan

    My best tips: buy a marble base (even a tray size) it always looks beautiful. And whenever possible, shoot outside in natural light.

  • Nice! I’ve done something similar in my home. Honestly a DIY is just as good as the real thing. I mean no one even knows! I use tons of poster boards haha. :)


  • Ms Tantrum

    Lovely post Nida. My husband used to use this trick of reflective white background when he had interest in photography.

    Ash |