Getting Glossy with Glossier | The Glossier Lip Gloss Review

The Glossier Lip Gloss Review
The Glossier Lip Gloss Review

Did I need a new lip gloss? Probably not. But, did I want it? Hell yes I did.

The Glossier Lip Gloss Review

The Glossier Lip Gloss Review

The Glossier Lip Gloss Review

The Glossier Lip Gloss Review

My love affair with gloss continues. Something about a juicy, glossy, plump pout really has me itching to try more lip glosses, which I’m not mad about (but my wallet is in a huff).

Getting Glossy with Glossier | The Glossier Lip Gloss Review

It’s a super pale, basically clear, pink lip gloss that is supposed to give your lips a super glossy, almost glassy, shine that isn’t sticky or goopy. On top of that, it has Vitamin E and jojoba oil so it’s supposed to be ultra moisturizing. Color my dry, chapped lips pleased.

The formula is very glossy, and does look glassy on the lips, which is why I really like it. I will say that the formula does feel a bit sticky and thick, especially compared to my favorite Marc Jacobs lip gloss and Lorac lip gloss, but it’s not goopy or a turn off. And, it is in no way as sticky as those Lancome Juicy Tubes from back in the day. It pairs well on top of lipsticks, but I prefer to swipe some product on the back of my hand then use a lip brush (or fingers) to apply it if I’m using it over another lip color. That way the pretty pale pink lip gloss and wand don’t get tainted with other colors. Am I the only one with that pet peeve?

Longevity wise, it’s not super long wearing because after all it is a gloss. But, it does last through several straw sips before you need to reapply.

Overall, I’m happy with this lip gloss. It’s not my all time favorite, but it’s a nice clear gloss to keep in your bag and throw on when you want some shine, and it’s a decent price. Plus, that packaging *heart eyes*

p.s. this lip gloss is limited edition, and was available when I wrote this, but it’s not on their website anymore *sad face* I hope they bring it back, and if they do, I thought you should know whether or not you’d like it.

p.s. this is back permanently now, woo hoo!! Shop my link here (new customers will get 20% 0ff their first order!)

What’s your favorite gloss? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Ahh, sad that it’s out of stock. It does look like a nice lipgloss. I love the packaging!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • I’m dying to get Marc Jacobs lip gloss! I don’t think this from Glossier is right for me, I don’t like it when it’s too glossy.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • The Marc Jacobs ones are really glossy too. But they are thinner, and they have more pigment so it’s not just full on glassy gloss. I hope you try a MJ one :)

  • Zaire Q

    It sucks that it’s not in stock right now because it sounds like it’s definitely up my alley. I love thick and sticky lip glosses (I feel like I’m an outlier in this?). And I hate it when the lip gloss wand has lipstick colors on it euyuck!

    • I feel like people either love or hate a sticky lip gloss! I hate super extra sticky ones, and this one is a tad stickier, but it’s not goopy. Goop is a no no for me.

  • Damn it sucks that this isnt available right now as I dont have that many lipglosses but would love a new one!

    Abigail Alice 💕

  • This sounds lovely! Hopefully they restock it!

    xo, Liz

  • Ela
  • I really hope they do bring this back! It looks super pretty, I’m in love with super glossy lips!

  • I’ve had my eyes all over this lip gloss like you have no idea but I hated that I couldn’t get it only by itself. I really hope they bring it back! X

    | |

    • I bought it by itself! For a limited time they sold the items in the black tie set separately. I do hope they bring back the gloss and moonstone haloscope.

  • I agree, that packaging is just so beautiful I want the lipgloss and everything from the Glossier line. I’m not that interested in their products, but daym the graphic design and vibe they have. Suits your style in an excellent way, I’m obsessed with your photos.

    Laura xx Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    • Girl yes. That vibe is what sucked me in, but their products don’t disappoint :). Thanks so much, babe. That means a lot!

  • I’ve never tried Glossier but I want to try their lipsticks! I’d love a moisturizing lip gloss though. I have been using lip oils to alleviate the dryness of my lips >__<;


    • Ahh I hope you find some products that help fix your dryness. Dry lips are the worst!

  • Oddly, this idea of a clear (or almost clear) lip gloss has always sounded more tempting than a coloured one for me, probably because it reminds me my childhood, as you said, I wouldn’t mind the poor longevity as well! It also sounds like a great way to finally try the brand, I will definitely check it out if it goes back to stock! Great review!

    • Clear gloss definitely reminds me of my childhood and I love it haha. I hope they bring it back!

  • I totally agree, I hate it when a pale lipgloss gets tinted a different colour! I haven’t tried anything from this brand before but have heard a few things about them now so it seems like they are worth giving a try :) x

    • Their products are lovely :). At least what I’ve tried so far! I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates it when a lipgloss gets tinted a different color. It just freaks me out lol

  • First of all, you’re not the only one with a pet peeve like that :) Whenever I’m layering lip products, I don’t use the lip product’s wand. I use a a brush too, or a disposable foam that looks like those wands in the lip gloss/liquid lipsticks. I forgot what they were called. Anyway, Glossier Lip Gloss sounds really nice, I hear a lot of good things about it. Just like the other products they sell. I’m not really into lip gloss but I really REALLY want to try some Glossier products. I hope they’ll ship in my country. Those that resells it here are super expensive.


    • I hope you get to try them out soon. I’m pretty sure they’re working on international shipping :)

  • Why are all the good things limited edition, bah!!! I’m so over mattes now, bring on the gloss!! The lancome glosses where something, god forbid the wind whipped your hair around your face, as it would be stuck there for days!
    Kate x

    • Girl seriously. There are so many limited edition things that I love, and it makes me sad. Those Lancome glosses were monstrous. I hated them, but I also really loved them lol!

  • ThePartyParrotBlog

    It looks absolutely lovely. I must say Glossier always give their products such a clean, minimalistic packaging which is quite appealing to me. Loved the review Nida!

    Naya xx