Give Me More Glow, Hourglass…

Hourglass Euphoric Strobe Light review
Hourglass Euphoric Strobe Light review

Give me more glow, Hourglass… I love a good highlight whether it’s natural or not. But, lately I have been into a more natural glow– shocking, I know– which is why I’ve been loving the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders. I picked up Brilliant in January when they launched and just recently picked up Euphoric.

Hourglass Euphoric Strobe Light review

Hourglass Euphoric Strobe Light

Euphoric is a peachier toned powder and has that same luminous finish that is more intense than the Ambient Lighting powders, but not super in your face. Just like Brilliant, it’s finely milled, silky, applies smoothly, and has some holographic shimmer running through it, but it’s not glittery by any means.

Hourglass Euphoric and Brilliant Strobe Light Swatch

Hourglass Euphoric (left) and Brilliant (right)

I can’t pick between Euphoric and Brilliant because they’re both so beautiful, but I would highly recommend both of these shades to everyone.

I know Euphoric is going to be a spring/summer staple for me because it is a warmer peach tone that’s just perfect for summer when you’re more tan and sunkissed.

Hourglass Euphoric and Brilliant Strobe Light Swatch

Hourglass Euphoric (left) and Brilliant (right) with flash

Just give me more glow, Hourglass. These powders do not disappoint!

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Have you tried these? What’s your favorite Hourglass product? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Those two are my favorite shades from the line. I think if you have yellow undertones they look beautiful on the skin.

  • I want to try one of these! I have to admit, Brilliant looks perfect for me! xx


  • Dom

    I really want to try one of these. I have all of their palettes which I love, and these colors look amazing

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    Id love to try one of these. I have no idea whay shade to try out because they all look lovely! X

    • Haha I def understand. They all are beautiful! I’d suggest Brilliant if you have yellow undertones and Euphoric if you like something warmer and peachier! Iridescent (which I’ve compared with Brilliant in another post) is a beautiful more pink toned one :).

  • I own one of the strobe lighting powders and I really like it! The shades you picked out look really beautiful, too.

  • Nina

    These powders look super cute,

  • Oh my gosh so beautiful!

  • I love Hourglass powders, both of these look so pretty and natural!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  • Euphoric looks SO amazing but I’m a big fan of them both – I’ll be picking Euphoria up soon though. Lovely blog <3

    Abigail Alice x | Latest: The Best Liquid Lipsticks

    • Thank you :). I think you will love Euphoric. It’s amazing, and perfect for spring/summer!

  • Hao

    Euphoric looks so beautiful! I’ve been stepping away from gold/yellow highlighters and more towards the peach and pink highlighters and so Euphoric looks right up my alley.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

    • Girl me too! I’ve been loving the peachier/pinker highlighters at the moment :)

  • Ahhh Euphoric is sooo pretty! I can’t decide between it and Incandescent.

    • Ahh that’s a hard one, but I know you can’t go wrong with either! You can always buy one now and buy another one later ;)

  • Thanks for the swatches! These have been so much raved by just about everyone! I’m so curious!