An Impulsive MAC Makeup Haul

I told myself I wouldn’t purchase more makeup or beauty related products during the month of May, and I’m proud to say that aside from 2 slip ups (not sorry!), I did really well! I thought I would continue this self inflicted spending ban for the month of June as well, but 6 days in, and I had a little impulse shopping spree at MAC (still not sorry!) Here’s what I picked up.

MAC Flamingo lipstick
MAC Flamingo lipstick

MAC Soft Serve Eye Shadow in Best Make Up

The fact that these eyeshadows were described as “bouncy” is what really caught my attention. I thought the formula would be like ColourPop eyeshadows, but it’s different, and feels more creamy and bouncy. It’s something you have to go and feel for yourself! Best Make Up in particular is a very light gold with a pearl finish so it’s perfect if you like a more sparkly eyeshadow. This looked ah-mazing when I swatched it on my hand so I can’t wait to try it on the lids. It looked even more amazing on my friend who has a deeper skin tone than me because it really glistened against her skin tone.

MAC Jest Eye Shadow

This maJESTic (see what I did there?) eyeshadow is a frosty soft peach with icy shimmer. I’m telling you, this shade is just perfect for spring/summer because it’s got that peach tone that I veer towards in the warmer months, but it’s frosty and icy so it’s not going to be too peachy. This would also be amazing on the inner corners as a highlight!

MAC Swish Eye Shadow

Since the MAC eye shadow pans are only $6 now, I could afford to impulse buy another shade and not feel guilty about it. Swish is described as a frosty bright pink with icy shimmer, but don’t let the word bright mislead you because it’s really not that bright at all on my medium skin tone. It’s more like an icy frost with a medium pink tone to it. I’m just going to go swish and flick this all over my eyes now…

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Dark Deep

I absolutely love the Prep + Prime Highlighter in Light Boost so I thought I’d pick one up a few shades darker because it’ll make for a quick and easy contour. I’ve been using these Prep + Prime Highlighters for years now. It’s one of those products that isn’t very exciting, but it just works so well that you’ve grown attached to it, and promise to yourself that it will always have a home in your collection.

MAC Lipstick in Flamingo

Since summer is basically here and I’ve been loving non-matte lippies, I thought I’d pick up a bright corally pink shade with a lustre finish. The MAC lustre finishes really are stunning. They’re creamy and smooth, yet pigmented, but still more sheer. Although they require touching up throughout the day, it’s not so bad because you can easily swipe on and go.

MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade

This lip gloss shade pairs really well with Flamingo because it’s also a corally pink shade, but in a gloss. It has a very fine shimmer running through it, but it doesn’t appear frosty or shimmery on the lips so if you’re not into that look, this would still work for you!

Pink Lemonade gloss, Flamingo lipstick, Prep + Prime Highlighter in Dark Deep, Jest eyeshadow, Swish eyeshadow, Best Make Up Soft Serve eyeshadow swatches
Top to bottom: Pink Lemonade gloss, Flamingo lipstick, Prep + Prime Highlighter in Dark Deep, Jest eyeshadow, Swish eyeshadow, Best Make Up Soft Serve eyeshadow

What have you purchased recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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