The New Instagram Trend | Are Oval Makeup Brushes Worth the Hype?

Are oval makeup brushes worth the hype? An Artis brush dupe set from eBay
Are oval makeup brushes worth the hype?

It seems as though every couple weeks there is a new trend on Instagram, and lately it has been oval makeup brushes. I have seen so many videos featuring these unique, almost hair brush looking, brushes and just had to give them a try. I didn’t want to spend the whole hog on them so I went the cheaper route and scouted out a 10 piece set on eBay for about $15 [here’s a similar one that isn’t sold out].

Are oval makeup brushes worth the hype? An Artis brush dupe set from eBay

Are oval makeup brushes worth the hype?

Are oval makeup brushes worth the hype? An Artis brush dupe set from eBay

Are oval makeup brushes worth the hype?

Are Oval Makeup Brushes Worth the Hype?

The Good | Because these brushes are so densely packed together they don’t soak up product as much and they also feel so so soft on the skin. It’s like a nice little massage every time you use it! The brushes smooth foundation on so nicely and you can really buff it into the skin for a flawless look in such a short amount of time. These take blending to a whole new level.

The Bad | At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. These work really well, but they’re probably not as sturdy as the more expensive ones. It’s possible that over time depending on how much pressure you use, and how often you use them, these brush heads may break off. It’s also possible that they last really well and never do that, but only time will tell. So far, so good!

The Verdict | Yes, these are worth the hype! I really think the larger brushes work really well for base products. I love the largest one for primer and foundation, and I love the third and fourth largest brushes for cream contour, bronzer, and blush. I’m still sticking to my trusty MAC 217 and 224 for eyeshadow blending, but the circular shaped brushes are actually really nice for applying lipstick. The eyeliner brushes didn’t really work for me, but they could be used with gel liner, for cream nose contour, or even to line the lips or clean them up with concealer! $15 for the whole set is not bad at all considering you would get use out of most of the pieces!

Have you tried any oval makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Claire Cavanagh

    I’ve been curious about these too, so it’s great to hear that you get on with them so well :) If the cheaper ones don’t last as well as the pricier ones, at least it’s still not much of a hardship to replace them in a few months time – will definitely be placing an order.

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  • The Artisan brushes and these dupes are everywhere these days but as always, I am waiting for the hype to die down a little before trying them. Good to know these dupes are worth the money though because the Artisan brushes would kill my bank account.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • The Artis burgess are so expensive haha. I definitely can’t splurge on them anytime soon, but these dupes are well worth it!

  • I remember when these first came out they were about 1/3 of the price they are now (the name brand ones) I didn’t buy them cause I didn’t understand. I wish I would’ve bought them.

    • Oh dang I didn’t know they were a lot cheaper then! I bought an oval MAC brush about a year ago at an OCC and loved it so I’m glad they’re becoming more normal :)

  • I would have thought that they would soak up more product so it’s nice to hear they don’t. Every time I see people use these it looks like they are rubbing spoons on their face :)
    I wonder if this will be just a trend because I only really see it on instagram. Glad you liked them.

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    • That’s what I thought too, but because they’re so dense the product just sits on top of then brushes instead of soaking in!

  • At first I completely dismissed these as a gimmick, but I mean now it seems like everyone’s in love with them! No WAY I would shell out for the real deal haha, but these el cheapies have got me tempted! I think I would only really use the face ones too, the eye ones seem a bit too finnicky and dense.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • The face ones are def worth it!! And I’m with you– the real ones are way too expensive for me haha.

  • Chantel

    Great review. Thanks for sharing.

  • I keep seeing them on YT videos, however I am not really sure how I feel about them. I wouldn’t ever pay that price to the original one, I am sure soon it will be forgotten. $15 is bargain for the brushes, even if they don’t last a long time, it is still a good deal!

    Ela BellaWorld

  • These brushes seem to be love by many as I have seen great reviews on them and these ones are quite affordable! Great review! x

    Ann-Marie |

  • I really want to try these, I keep seeing them everywhere. I thought they were makeup sponges on sticks at first lol!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • Haha I could see that! I’ve tried a sponge on a stick type brush and it was so bad lol

  • These are literally everywhere at the moment! Some of them are just cripplingly expensive too. Thanks for the review-I think I’ll do the same and check out the Ebay offerings first!

    Beekeyper – Latest – Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector

  • I didn’t realize there was a range of products – I honestly thought only the Artisan brushes were available. Good to know that they are worth the hype, as I was contemplating on purchasing at least one because they just look oh-so-pretty!

  • Great review, I probably won’t be trying these out anytime soon as I usually prefer a sponge anyway

    Kathy x

    • I love my Beauty Blender, but the large face brush actually applies foundation a lot faster and blends seamlessly as well :)

  • That’s so cheap for so many brushes! They look so dense that I want to just run these on my cheek and feel how soft they are lol

    • Haha! The second I got them I cleaned them with some MAC brush cleanser and then rubbed them on my face– so soft!

  • Dont Wannasay

    I just bought an eBay set for $20 that looked very nice, like the artis brushes and they got messed up during shipping and the big ones handle was broken. I was so sad. I think I’m just gonna find some like yours with all black. They look sturdier. Thanks for the review!!!

    • Oh no, I’m sorry! I hope you try them out, mine are sturdy and I didn’t have any problems/damage during shipping! Thank you for stopping by :)