10 high end makeup products worth the splurge.

10 High End Makeup Products Worth The Splurge

Because not all high end makeup is worth the splurge… but these totally are.



10 High End Makeup Products Worth The Splurge

Hourglass bronzer

Do you ever swatch a product, and you’re just not super blown away? That was this bronzer for me. The formula definitely blew me away, but the Radiant Bronze Light shade I picked up seemed so orange. Like, President of the USA orange. Luckily, first impressions aren’t everything because the minute I applied this bronzer to my face, I fell in love. It doesn’t look like you just applied Cheeto dust on your face, it blends beautifully, and it adds such a radiant bronze glow to the skin. This is a pricey bronzer for sure, but you get a lot of product, and it’s so worth it. A bronzy bang for your buck, if you will.

Hourglass blush

Back in the day, when it was cool to have super glittery makeup, I used to  L O V E putting glitter all over my face. But, times have changed for sure. And the glitter face look is no longer cool, which is why I used to steer clear of shimmery blushes. But, the Hourglass blushes changed the game for me since they don’t have large chunks of glitter or shimmer. Their powders are some of the best I have tried. They are pricey, but they don’t contain talc– another major plus. And they’re super easy to blend, and so finely milled that you can’t glob on too much and have a patchy mess on your face. I have been there. But not with these. Their blushes are stunning if you want a radiant flush to your face without looking like you just got hit in the face with a bag of shimmer.

Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer

Need hydration? This primer is the one for you. It has 5 different types of coconut parts to it, which sounds weird, but luckily it’s coconut parts, and not human parts. It has:

Coconut fruit– skin-boosting vitamins and antioxidants.
Coconut water– nutrients for hydration and smoothing.
Coconut milk– helps prime and smooth the complexion and blur imperfections.
Coconut polysaccharides– help prime the complexion.
Coconut extract– provides a natural coconut fragrance.

This is one primer I will go back for the second I’m out. And my bottle is dwindling fast. So I’ll be bidding adieu to a good chunk of money pretty soon. RIP wallet. (RIP wallet during this whole post, really).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

I see you, Anastasia. I see why you named this the Brow Wiz. Why, you ask? Because it’s brow sorcery. The tip of this eyebrow pencil is so tiny that it’s easy to mimic your hairs and quickly fill in sparse areas without looking like you just drew on some brows. I love this pencil even though I have pretty full brows (think caterpillar brows). And I think this is worth the splurge if you have brows to begin with or need a little help in that area.

Tarte Shape Tape

You’re probably sick of hearing about this concealer, but the hype is real with this one. It doesn’t crease, it’s not heavy, and it has really good coverage. Plus, they have a ton of shades so you’re bound to find one that matches you. I’m wary to try overly hyped products, but this one is worth the splurge and the hype.

YSL lipsticks

Aside from the major heart eyes the packaging will give you, the formula of YSL lipsticks is worth the money too. My personal favorite is the Rouge Volupte Shine range if you want something on the glossier side, but not something intensely glossy. I also love their Tint-in-Oils. They’re great if you like a gloss that turns into a tint/stain.

Becca highlighter

If you’re into the glow-seen-from-space look, look no further. Becca highlighters may be pricy, but they are worth the pricy price tag. You only need a tiny bit of product, but I, naturally, apply more than usual; they’re creamy; they’re pigmented; they’re not chalky or powdery. Basically, they’re radiant, glowing skin given to you on a silver ufo-shaped platter.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

I first saw Pam from True Blood (aka my heart and soul) wearing the shade Damned so of course I had to go out and pick it up. Because if Pam wore army pants and flip flops, I would wear army pants and flip flops. If you’re into a velvety matte lip in crayon form, which makes it a cinch to apply, give these a try because they’re totally worth the money.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

Believe it or not, there are days where I do enjoy a matte foundation. But, I don’t like it when foundations are matte and flat. That’s why this foundation is totally worth draining your wallet for. It has a velvety semi-matte finish so your skin still looks like skin, but with better coverage. Though, make sure you prep your skin extra well (perhaps with that Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer ;)) if you have dry skin because it can cling to the dry patches a bit.

MAC Fix+

Before I tried MAC Fix+, I did not believe in MAC Fix+. But when I tried it, I sure as hell started to believe in it. If your makeup ever looks powdery or dull then a spritz of this stuff will bring your makeup to life. It’s also great to use under makeup as a primer and skin refresher because it allows your makeup to sink in and look more natural instead of sitting on top. This isn’t just overpriced water. It actually has some ingredients like glycerine, caffeine, different extracts, and more to boost your skin and your makeup.


10 high end makeup products worth the splurge.
10 high end makeup products worth the splurge swatches top to bottom: Chanel Perfection Lumiere, NARS Damned, Becca Opal, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #4, Tarte Shape Tape Light Neutral, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Hourglass blush Diffused Heat, Hourglass bronzer Radiant Bronze Light


What are your favorite high end makeup products that are worth the splurge? Let me know in the comments below!

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