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10 Beautiful Bedrooms I Would Happily Sleep In

I’m really beginning to embrace my inner interior design lover. The catalyst for this newfound love being that I’m in the process of moving into my own place. I have been scouring the web high and low for home inspo and these are 10 stunningly beautiful bedrooms I would happily sleep in and are major #bedroomgoals. Although my new bedroom will probably (okay, definitely) not be as chic as these, a girl can dream, and hopefully find a way to incorporate some of these vibes into my new bedroom.

10 Beautiful Bedrooms I Would Happily Sleep In

Incy Interiors new range of furniture is in lush jewel-hued velvet. Featuring beautiful bedheads and ottomans in soft pink, teal and navy.
Pink velvet bed via Incy Interiors

I MEAN. Monochrome dusty pink goodness with a splash of velvet and brass hardware all against a paneled wall gives me major Marvelous Mrs. Maisel vibes, but taken up a notch with more texture. It looks rich and luxurious yet cozy and inviting. All the things I want from a bedroom.

melyssa white bedding | CB2

This bedroom looks cozy and minimal, yet functional. I really love the black ledge the bed is against. It dresses up the bedroom and makes for a great display piece– kind of like a second headboard for the bed. I also love the large french doors that fill the room with natural light and the bench in front of the bed. It’s minimal, but not bare.

If I could have a split level bedroom, I would do it in a heartbeat. It looks luxurious and this one is very spacious with inviting, calming colors with pops of metal to dress it up a bit.

There's no denying we're obsessed with the photography of Paul Raeside . He's been featured her...

Although the bedroom is pretty sparse, the rich velvet bedding and leather headboard against the pale pink walls, high ceiling, and light hardwood flooring really pops and makes the bed a very inviting focal point. It also jazzes up the space so it’s not boring and gives the space some moody intrigue.

Unique architecture and lots of natural light is something I aspire my bedroom to have in the future. I like that even though it’s black and white monochrome, the slanted ceiling mixed with the glass and black french doors liven things up so it’s not so neutral and plain. The 2 exposed bulb lights and artwork on one side of the bed mixes up the symmetry so it’s more interesting to the eye. A little smidge of greenery on the other side of the bed brings in some color and more freshness to liven things up.

Something a bit darker and more mysterious. Again, love the simplicity, but attention to little details like the mixing of neutrals with a little pop of color along with the industrial vibes from the one pendant light instead of a lamp makes it more interesting and less simple.

Bright, airy, but still minimal, yet inviting. I love the different textures and again the intermixing of both industrial– the unique ceiling light– and glam– the velvet armchair– aesthetics. If my room were bigger I would definitely opt for a little reading nook equipped with a cozy velvet armchair. Plus a large mirror to make the space appear even bigger.

The gold detailing really makes the bed the focal point and I love the use of the rich textures and colors. The symmetry plays really well in this small space and the mirror is a beautiful center point that catches the eye.

35 Edgy industrial style bedrooms creating a statement

Dark, industrial, high ceilings– what’s not to love? I love the dark and light contrast because it really makes the bed a focal point. The mismatched nightstands and the brick give this space some eclectic character and the matching sconces on either side give the space some equilibrium.

gray bedroom

When paired together, grey and pink can look very girly, but I love how this bedroom looks more moody and neutral. And, the use of mismatched industrial style lighting makes it look more luxe with a dash of masculinity.

Tell me more about your dream bedroom!

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