Makeup 101: Ten Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

You’re over 40, but guess what– you can still be, and are, fabulous! In my opinion, women over 40 are much more fabulous than younger women because they have themselves figured out; they have a confidence about themselves that women in their twenties do not. Turning forty, fifty, sixty, and seventy is no longer a death sentence for your fabulosity. Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Sophia Loren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore, Katie Couric, Christie Brinkley, and Anna Wintour (the list keeps going on in my head) are all amazing women that are still gorgeous to this day. However, it is no secret that with age one’s makeup technique and application must change and evolve along with them; that is only natural. I have put together some tips that I believe really help women stay vibrant, fresh, and fabulous!

  1. Luminous is best. No one wants to flaunt their fine lines and wrinkles, and wearing matte makeup can really bring them out. Instead, opt for a moisturizing light to medium coverage foundation that has a luminous silky finish. This will make your skin appear more vibrant and fresh. If you need extra coverage, choose a creamy concealer for spot treatment. Otherwise, leave your skin as luminous as you can!
  2. Do not overdo the powder. Dry skin is not attractive on anyone no matter what age they are, and overdoing it on the powder can make one’s skin look very cakey and dry. Apply a soft translucent powder when needed, but do it very sparingly.
  3. Stick to creamy products. Powdery products can really settle into your fine lines. Instead, pick out light cream blushes instead of powder blushes and blend it in very well so it is natural and soft. Harsh blush does not look good on anyone.
  4. Finishing spray is a must. After you apply your makeup make sure to set it all in place, but do not use a mattifying setting spray because that will only make your skin look dry. My favorite is Fix+ because it really sets your makeup and hydrates your skin (you can even use it before you apply any makeup to freshen up your skin).
  5. Bold colors are a no-no. Bold, trendy colors that you once wore in your twenties no longer look great. Nudes, soft pinks, dusty rose, and peachy colors are tones that will really compliment your skin. If you go too bold it will look very unnatural and clownish.
  6. Plump it up. For your lips, a lip plumper would be great because it gives you a soft pout that looks nourished. Dry lips, on anyone, is not a great look.
  7. No more shimmer. Once upon a time, it was okay to look like a shimmery glittery disco ball, but that is no longer the case. Shimmer and glitter eyeshadow will only highlight any fine lines and wrinkles you are trying to hide so choose soft neutral cream or powder shadows.
  8. Moisturize. Add some moisturizer to your concealer before applying it under your eyes. Make sure you do not add too much concealer because it will look unnatural and if you have more fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes it will settle into them. Before applying any foundation make sure to moisturize your skin leaving it soft and hydrated. You can even add a light moisturizer to your foundation for added hydration!
  9. Highlight. All of the women that are fabulous and over forty mentioned above have a very glowy look to them that is achieved through highlighting. Apply a cream highlight to the inner corners of your eyes, corners of your mouth, down the bridge of your nose, to the tops of your cheeks, and under your brows. The MAC Prep+Prime Highlighting pen is a great one as well as the YSL Touche Eclat.
  10. Blend down your neck. First, make sure you use the right color foundation, but regardless, you must blend it down your neck so it matches perfectly. You do not want your face and neck to be two completely different colors, which, honestly, is never attractive whether you are 18 or 100.

With these ten tips, you will definitely continue on with your fabulous self, and look your best while doing it! Let’s retire the phrase “looking young.” Instead, let’s try to be fabulous!

What are some of your tricks for looking and feeling fabulous?


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