1920s: Then and Now

It was December 1920 and it had been 12 long months since alcohol last touched anyone’s lips– legally, at least. Speakeasies were all the rage; the music was blaring and people were yearning for one last drop of that sweet sweet poison before they had to depart. All around, men were slugging back their scotch, dancing with blonde beauties, while their wives were back at home acting oblivious to their mens’ unfaithfulness. It was a different world there– a place to escape the worries of reality; life was glamorous, women were eye candy, and that sweet gold liquid parched the thirst that so many felt in that era.

Then there was the fashion– oh, the fashion! A time where the rich definitely spent much of their time getting dressed and buying luxurious outfits that set them apart from the others.

One popular 1920s designer was Coco Chanel, which, I know, no one has heard of before! Coco Chanel originated the modern day little black dress (LBD), and famously incorporated menswear into womenswear during the roaring 20s.
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Today, the 1920s are making a comeback. The beautiful thing about fashion is that ensembles go in and out of style and history always repeats itself in some form or another. In this case, the roaring 20s are back and fashionable ladies are noticing the trends that their grandmothers and great-grandmothers once wore. A big part of the 1920s comeback in fashion is due to the release of the much awaited film The Great Gatsby, which features an A-list cast, a well- established director, and a captivating soundtrack that features modern day singers with a 1920s flair.

The long awaited film has flashed designers such as Ralph Lauren back into the 1920s, which influenced their Spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection. Below are some of my favorite pieces from the collection. All of the photos are credited to Style.com.

The elegant silhouettes that are loose, yet figure-flattering, mixed with soft feminine colors captures the 1920s vibe and takes us back to that time.

Badgley Mischka’s Resort 2013 Collection draws inspiration from the 20s prohibition-era as well. The collection features cocktail dresses as well as long floor-grazing dresses that any woman, including Daisy Buchanan, would die to wear. The soft feminine tints paired with sultry dark shades imitates the transformation that women were going through in that time period. Women were no longer caged beauties, but they were evolving and taking on different roles including that of a sexy seductress, such as Myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby.

All photos credited to Style.com

The Late Alexander McQueen’s Resort 2013 Collection may not take you back to the typical 1920s, and how we view that time period, but his collection has been influenced by Art Deco, which began in France then spread internationally. The uncommon patterns and designs harmonize to create a unique piece of art. The use of menswear in womenswear, which began to emerge in the 20s, is also evident in this collection– a style that is credited to Chanel. His intricate and unique pieces reminds me of luxury, glamour, and all things rich– the epitome of 1920s grandeur.

All photos credited to style.com

The inclusion of 1920s fashion in designer collections is sure to trickle down so keep a look out for 20s inspired clothing at your favorite stores. It was such a glamorous era so I am definitely ready to embrace it!

What about you? Are you willing to embrace this iconic decade?


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