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25 Before 25

I’m officially 24, you guys. I’m in my mid-twenties. When I was 16 I never thought this day would come because it seemed like a lifetime away, but a blink of an eye and a swipe of mascara later, here we are. So, 25 before 25: 25 things I’d like to “do” before my 25th year.

1. Become a morning person | I’m a night owl and always have been, but I’d like to become a morning person. Someone who goes to sleep by 11 and wakes up by 6 am to get ish done.

2. Travel more | I love traveling and used to travel a lot as a kid with my parents, but I’d like to travel more with my friends even if it’s just to another city for a weekend.

3. Be more social | I lived alone for 3 years in college, which made me more of a hermit so I’d like to get out more. Go to brunch. Go to a fun bar I haven’t been to before. Be more open to meeting new people.

4. Be consistent | I’ll get in a swing of things for a few weeks, maybe even a month, but then for some reason I’ll screw it all up. I’ll stay up until 5 am binge watching something on Netflix (i.e. Making a Murderer), wake up late, won’t drink enough water, and won’t work out. Maybe the inner child in me likes to screw things up the moment I get my shit together lol.

5. Take more baths | I hated the tub in my college apartment and it wasn’t deep enough or long enough– I’m 5’9″–so I’d like to take advantage of my tub at the moment and spend some more time in there relaxing.

6. Be more positive | I tend to be really hard on myself and bring myself down so I’d like to let go of being negative and just think more positively.

7. Stop letting anxiety get the best of me | I suffer from anxiety and that leads to negative thinking. I’d like to just let it all go and stop worrying about what could go wrong. The question is, what could go right?

8. Find a job I love | I graduated college in December, but have yet to find a job. All the companies I’ve applied to require experience, which I don’t have because I just graduated. The past month has been full of tears, anxiety, frustration with myself and doubting everything about myself and my two degrees. I’d like to find a job I love where I can gain experience, use my skills and feel like I’m on the right path to success.

9. Start making more YouTube videos | I made a few videos in 2013, but let my anxiety get the best of me so I stopped. I still struggle with it, but it’s a passion I’d like to explore more.

10. Read more books | Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, HBO Go, and Showtime Anytime have seriously come between me and reading. I love watching shows while taking pictures for my blog and writing posts, but I need to start taking at least 30 minutes a night to start reading more.

11. Stop procrastinating | I procrastinate and put things off because a) I’m lazy and b) I get anxiety and just want to shut down. I need to stop and just get my ish done.

12. Learn to code | While studying in university I had to take a class that taught us some HTML basics, but I want to delve deeper into the world of coding because it’s like learning a new language.

13. Minimize | I am a hoarder. I save things for that “rainy day,” which generally never happens. Instead of holding on to stuff, I need to part ways with it. It’s a process, but I’m getting there.

14. Buy dinner for my parents | Sometime before 25 I want to buy my parents dinner– somewhere nice. My dad usually takes me to Ruth’s Chris for dinner on my birthday, and I’d like to pick up the check next time– hopefully on his birthday in October.

15. Let go of negative people | Sometimes it’s hard to let them go, but negative people aren’t worth the time,. It’s much more important to focus on positive, uplifting people.

16. Go outside more | Living in Seattle I was ALWAYS outside because the weather was nice and there were no bugs. Fast forward to Texas, which is irritatingly hot and bug-central– I stopped going outside. But, when it’s nicer and slightly cool out, spending more time outside and getting fresh air would be ideal.

17. Save more money | All my money goes toward makeup, clothes, props, food and other blog-related things. I’d like to stop impulse shopping and save some money up because unlike the random junk I hoard, money will always come in handy if there’s ever a rainy day.

18. Go to a movie by myself | I hear it’s very freeing (and I’ll also be able to drool all over Leonardo DiCaprio without the person next to me rolling their eyes).

19. Harry Potter weekend | Never will I ever shake my love for Harry Potter. A weekend full of doing NOTHING, but having a Harry Potter movie marathon while baking and eating home made baked goods? Count me in. Always.

20. Get my own place | I thought I’d hate living at home again, but I actually quite enjoy it. Still, I want my own place again– no roomies! Oh, and I want to throw a posh dinner party.

21. Learn calligraphy and typography | I LOVE calligraphy and typography and I want to start practicing it. I think it’s a beautiful talent that’s been lost with the rise of computers and technology.

22. Start writing again | I’ve always had a passion for writing and aspire to write my own book. Even if it’s never published, I’d love to write a book of fiction beginning to end.

23. Up the quality of my photography | This is something I’m always striving for, and I think I’ve come a long way since I first started, but there’s always room for improvement. I don’t think my photos are that great and I really want to focus on taking them to the next level (tips are always welcome ;) ).

24. Get skilled with Adobe CC | I have all of the Adobe CC apps, but I’m still a beginner. I want to learn more than just how to edit pictures, videos and make gifs.

25. Stop comparing myself to others | It’s hard not to compare yourself to others especially since people post their lives on social media. Whether it be comparing your looks to someone else or how successful they seem compared to you or how amazing their relationship with their significant other looks… stop comparing. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own journey. Everyone is different, and that’s not bad– it’s good!

When is your birthday and do you have any birthday goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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