Caudalie essence, caudalie micellar water, Herbivore pink cloud, Little Barn Apothecary face mask, Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

5 Things I Tried: Beauty Products Tested No. 4

All the things I’ve been trialing and testing, part quatro.

5 Things I Tried: Beauty Products Tested No. 4

Caudalie essence, caudalie micellar water, Herbivore pink cloud, Little Barn Apothecary face mask, Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel
Beauty products on trial

March 3, 2018

This fine Saturday spent indoors, blogging and trying to motivate myself, has led to a day of face masking (in my masking queen shirt, of course). So, let’s do face mask numero 3– the Little Barn Apothecary Calendula + Lycopene Hydration Mask*. I recently received a very generous package from them, and you know I love face masking so here goes. I applied it with my new fave mask applicator: the MakeupDrop. It applies smoothly and feels very refreshing on the skin thanks to the lightweight liquidy consistency. It has that thin aloe-like consistency that I personally love. It’s different from the average face mask formula that tends to be full of kaolin clay, and tends to get drying. As always, the rebel in me leaves this on for over an hour (way past the 15-20 minute directions), but my skin doesn’t pay for this act of rebellion because it’s very soft, smooth, and a little more hydrated. The only con: it’s stringing together as I try to wash it off and becoming more goopy as we go on. This might be all because I left it on too long. It’s unsightly, and I look like I’m melting, but would 10/10 do it again. (p.s. you can get 15% off their site– not an affiliate– with promo code CAKED).

March 5, 2018

There has never been a cleanser I’ve wanted to try more than the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. It has been h y p e d to say the least, and my fave Anna from The Anna Edit has been talking about it for years so of course I gave in. I picked this up via Cult Beauty, a few months ago and thought it was finally time to crack it open. I pump it (it has an airless pump– hooray!), an orangey gel comes out, and I merrily rub it into my skin. It instantly turns into a luxurious oil and feels amazing so I proceed to massage it in for a few minutes. My face is happy. It turns into a very light milk once it comes in contact with water, and a few splashes of water later, my skin is clean. No greasy or slick barrier left behind, just soft smooth skin. Dear all of the UK, I understand why you love it.

March 13, 2018

Spring is just around the river bend so I’m gearing up to start using lighter moisturizers. The Herbivore Pink Cloud Creme* is highly rated on Sephora so me and my skin are very excited to use it. It has a creme consistency, which is unexpected. I assumed it was going to be more like a gel, but onwards for science. It’s soft and blends in easily. Doesn’t feel heavy and smells like I’m laying on a bed of roses donning a satin robe because I’m just that luxurious.

April 14, 2018

I’m new to the world of essences, but it’s one I’ve been eager to visit. The Caudalie Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essencehas two things I’m already a fan of: glycolic acid & brightening tendencies. My skin needs both, thank you very much. Instead of wasting precious product by applying it to a cotton round and then patting on, I directly pour some onto my clean hands and pat, pat, pat it into my skin. It feels very refreshing + gives my skin a soft glow. I’m aware that one use won’t garner huge results, but so far, so good.

April 23, 2018

Caudalie sent over a surprise package featuring 3 different cleansing variants along with a beautiful smudge stick. I jest that I can now thoroughly cleanse my skin + my soul. Tonight we will be trialing the Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water*. Immediately, I’m a fan of the pump packaging and the spa-like grape scent that puts me into a relaxed state of bliss. I pump it onto my fave Shiseido cotton rounds and begin to gently swipe all over my skin, eyes closed, astral projecting myself to a spa. I see on my cotton round the days grime that usually accompanies it every night and things are already feeling– and looking– so fresh and so clean (clean).

What have you tried recently that you’ve fallen in love with? Let me know in the comments below!

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