6 Must Have Metallic ColourPop Eyeshadows

6 Must Have Metallic ColourPop Eyeshadows

Now, I know this list is going to grow as I continue to buy more ColourPop eyeshadows– and trust me, I will buy more– but, for the time being, these are 6 must have metallic Colourpop eyeshadows you need in your life especially if you love rose golds, coppers, and bronzey warm shades.

6 Must Have Metallic ColourPop Eyeshadows
6 Must Have Metallic ColourPop Eyeshadows

Sequin. A coppery rose gold shade that will make your eyes glisten like the gods.

La La. Are you a rose gold lover? Then you are going to love this one. Not only is this metallic, but it’s ultra metallic so it’ll give you that beautiful foiled look.

On the Rocks. I’m a sucker for metallic browny bronze eyeshadows, and if you are as well then you’re bound to love this. As they say, this shade will bring all the boys to the bar.

Nillionaire. Bronze with gold and multi colored glitters with a metallic finish. You feelin like a “nillion” bucks yet?

Game Face. If you’re into metallic coppery shades, this will become your new favorite eyeshadow. Trust me, I couldn’t put this down when I first picked it up.

KathleenLightsIf you want a mix of bronze, gold, and copper then KathleenLights should be included in your next order because it is a beautiful mix of all three with a pearlized (basically metallic) finish.

ColourPop Sequin, La La, On The Rocks, Nillionaire, Game Face, KathleenLights
6 Must Have Metallic ColourPop Eyeshadows | left to right: Sequin, La La, On the Rocks, Nillionaire, Game Face, and KathleenLights

What are your favorite metallic eyeshadows from ColourPop or any other brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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