MAC haul, Sweet Heat eyeshadow, MAC Tan pigment, MAC Melon pigment, MAC Warm soul, MAC Fix+ Rose

A Little MAC Haul

There are few things better than going to a MAC store and discovering some new goodies. I recently went on a little shopping trip and decided to pop into MAC. Of course, I couldn’t leave empty handed. Have you met me? Here is a little MAC haul showcasing the products I purchased.

Some products I had to purchase that are “cult classics” would be Tan and Melon pigments and Warm Soul blush. If you’re unfamiliar with MAC pigments, they’re essentially loose eyeshadows that pack a lot of punch. You get so much product that it’ll last you a lifetime. You’ll be handing it down to your daughter and then your grand-daughter and so forth before you run out of this stuff. Tan is a pinky brown bronze color so you know that’s right up my alley. This looks especially gorgeous on tan skin during the summer, which is officially here. Melon is a golden peachy shade that I can tell will be another summer staple of mine. These pigments are quite messy, but they’re definitely worth it. Warm Soul is one of the most talked about blushes from MAC. It is described as a mid tone beige with gold pearl. I haven’t used this yet, but I can tell it will give a very natural flush to the cheeks.

MAC haul, Sweet Heat eyeshadow, MAC Tan pigment, MAC Melon pigment, MAC Warm soul, MAC Fix+ Rose
MAC Sweet Heat eyeshadow, Tan pigment, Melon pigment, Warm Soul blush, and Fix+ Rose.

I purchased another eyeshadow because I don’t have enough already. This time I got Sweet Heat, which is a peachy champagne shade with a metallic finish. This eyeshadow was limited edition, but recently became permanent so I knew I had to purchase it since I originally missed out on it. Again, this will be a gorgeous summer color, but I think it will also be beautiful during the holiday season, which I’m already excited for!

Lastly, I purchased the limited edition Rose Fix+. If you haven’t purchased it yet, go now! Essentially, it is a rose-scented Fix+. I love Fix+ and ran out of mine so I thought this would be the perfect time to purchase a new one since I love rose scented anything. Thus, the impulse purchase!

What have you recently purchased from MAC? Let me know in the comments below!

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