Harper + Ari Sugar Cubes review

A New Way to Scrub That Bod

Like Alec Baldwin bellowed in that infamous Glengarry Glen Ross Always Be Closing scene, “let’s talk about something important!” i.e. body care!

There’s nothing I love more than treating myself to a full sugar body scrub at least once a week (more, if I’m feeling extra). Typically, I go the DIY route of making my own concoction right before I jump in the shower. A little brown sugar, coconut oil, a dash of tea tree oil here if I’m wanting extra clarification, a splash of lavender there for good, calming smells, a peppering of frankincense oil to boost the lifting and toning. You get the gist. But, sometimes a girl is lazy and doesn’t want to set up her own Dexter’s Laboratory before hopping into a relaxing shower.

Enter Harper + Ari.

These. are. exfoliating. sugar. cubes. Which is lazy girl speak for I don’t have to do any work. The cube shape stops things from getting slippy and messy in the shower. In the past, I’ve used sugar scrub tubs, and they’re always hard to maneuver in the shower when you’re wet and your hands are soaked and slippy from the oily sugar scrub you just scooped out. These cubes make it easy and breezy to scrub yourself without almost slipping on oil and dying alone in your shower (which was a gray hair causing worry of mine when I lived alone in college. How long would it take for someone to find my dead body?). I’m able to exfoliate the whole body with half a delicious peach smelling sugar cube. But, if you’re feeling extra scrubby and generous then use one whole one. They’re easy, smell delicious, and leave behind velvety lush skin.

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What is your exfoliating regimen/ fave exfoliating products? Let me know in the comments below!

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