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I Accidentally Shaved Off Part Of My Eyebrows… Here’s What I Learned

I say *accidentally* because I actually did it on purpose (oops)

Here’s What I Learned After Going to Town On My Eyebrows

It was midnight and I was looking at the bushy caterpillars sitting atop my eyes, and decided I wanted a change. Just a heads up, the following decision is one I ended up regretting.

I grabbed my eyebrow razor, grabbed my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizdrew a vertical line going in a little at the front of my brow to mark off where I wanted my new brows to start, grabbed my Rubis Progrip tweezers*and went to town. It is a town I regret visiting. Although my new eyebrows don’t start too far in– they’re still aligned with my inner tear duct– and on their own they’re a nice set of brows. But, it looks weird to me because I know I’m missing about a quarter inch of hair from the front of each.

Why did I do this?

Because the grass is always greener, I guess. I didn’t like how the front of my brows weren’t straight. They curved down a little and I wanted a straight front so I thought I’d hack off some from the front to solve my problem. The problem is that I have a wider face so my old, longer eyebrows actually complemented my face shape more. The shorter brow makes my face look bigger, and who wants that?

So, this debacle taught me a few things:

  • Eyebrow filling is an art, and I am not an artist. I applaud all of you who are able to mimic brow hairs that actually look like brow hairs and not like a kid just grabbed a crayon and started scribbling all over the place. It’s freaking hard trying to make your bare skin look like real tiny hairs.
  • The right tools definitely matter when it comes to brows. Eyebrow pencils are a lot easier to use when you want to mimic brow hairs, and the smaller the pencil tip, the better. The Anastasia Brow Wiz is my favorite brow product to fill in the front, and Glossier Boy Brow to set my hairs since the brow wand is teeny tiny, and grabs onto all the hairs, tinting them very naturally.
  • Don’t go in and hack things off all at once. Do it slowly. I went in raging, and sadly came out raging because I lost too much. The tweezers and razors won this round.
  • As Told By Ginger once again relates to my life. “Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side…. my grass is green.” Guess what, my grass was green. And your grass is green too. I’d like the front of  my eyebrows back now.
  • I used to despise how quickly my eyebrows grew back because that meant more time and pain would be spent to tame them. Now, I’m glad they grow back faster than you can say, “caterpillar brow” because before I knew it, the hairs were back in full force. You’re not going anywhere now, brow.

Have you ever tried changing up your appearance and regretted it? Tell me your story!

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