Algenist Skincare Review

Algenist Skincare Review

I have really been trying to step up my skincare game lately. I love makeup– you know this– but as Glossier says, “skin first, makeup second, smile always,” and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Well, minus the smiling because #restingbitchface problems.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out some Algenist skincare products over the last month-ish so I wanted to share my thoughts on all of the products with you, of course!

Algenist Skincare Review
Algenist Skincare Review

Algenist Skincare Review

The Complete Eye Renewal Balm has been my go to night eye cream, and it’s really hydrating, creamy, and smooth. It doesn’t leave the under eyes feeling greasy or heavy since it’s so lightweight. It’s formulated with their patented alguronic acid, vitamin c, caffeine, cucumber, aloe, and green tea extracts so it feels very refreshing, and has some really beneficial ingredients. Since I don’t have eye wrinkles yet, I can’t really tell you how well it fares against them, but overall my under eye bags (not Prada) have improved and the skin there feels very smooth and nourished.

The Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum is one that I was very excited to receive since I’ve been wanting to add retinol into my skincare. I don’t use this every day, but only a couple times a week at night before bed. Retinol is great for anti aging, but it can be drying depending on the strength. This didn’t dry out my skin and it has made my skin tone more even. I have some scarring left over from some pesky blemishes, and this serum has been helping fade those.

The serum that has been making my skin more radiant and smooth is the Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum. I use this on the nights I don’t use the retinol serum. It leaves my skin looking and feeling more smooth and hydrated. Again, I don’t really have wrinkles yet, but I do have some developing smile lines– the curse of being funny and having funny friends. It has helped smooth my smile lines a bit. They’re not completely gone, but you can’t tell that they’re forming from afar. You have to get extremely (uncomfortably) close to my face in order to tell I’m beginning to get them. I’m just hoping that this serum helps prevent any wrinkles from coming my way!

I talked about the Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream in my September Favorites because it’s one amazing moisturizer! It smells a m a z i n g and feels very nice on the skin. It’s not greasy or heavy, but it’s very moisturizing and makes my skin look and feel amazingly smooth. Did I mention it smells a m a z i n g?

Overall, I have really been enjoying their products! They are really expensive, but I think it’s one of those things where you need to decide if skincare is really important to you or not. If you’re 18-25 then I don’t necessarily think you need these in your life because you can find moisturizers and serums that have great ingredients for less money. But, once you’re 26+ I think skincare becomes even more important so splurging on an expensive serum, eye cream or moisturizer is okay if it’s going to help prevent future problems. It’s all about prevention, people!

Have you tried anything from Algenist? Let me know in the comments below!

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