beauty brands to try in 2018

Brands I Want To Try In 2018

Albeit I have a lot of skincare (and makeup) and have a long way to go before I finish everything up, that doesn’t stop my heart from going on and yearning for more. These are some of the brands that are currently on my radar, and the brands I want to try in 2018.

Beauty Brands I Want To Try In 2018

African Botanics

I literally want to try everything from their line. Everything looks so luxurious and sounds amazing. I haven’t seen a lot about them, but the few bloggers that have mentioned them seem to love their products. It’s hard to narrow down what I really want, but I have my eye especially on their Intensive Recovery Cream, Intense Skin Repair Balm, Cloud Burst Micro-Emulsion, and Infinite Resurfacing Mask. If you’ve tried their products, tell me what you like! Help me narrow it down because ya girl cannot blow so much money on everything.

Biologique Recherche

Okay, if you haven’t heard of their Lotion P50, where have you been? It’s so popular, and I want (okay, need) in on the hype ASAP. They have several other products I’m also interested in the: Creme Aux Acides de Fruits, Creme Dermopurifiante, Masque Vivant, Lait U cleanser, Lait VIP O2, and basically a lot more. They even have hair care!

Indie Lee

After surviving a life threatening brain tumor caused by environmental toxins, Indie Lee decided to create her own line of clean beauty products. I’ve heard a lot of great things about her Rosehip Cleanser, but what I really want to try from her line is the CoQ10 Toner, Brightening Cleanser, and Squalane Facial Cream.

Jordan Samuel

I’ve been hearing such good things about this brand for over a year now, but just haven’t gotten around to trying his line out. I really want to try the hydrating serum, and retinol in oil, but honestly everything sounds amazing.

Josh Rosebrook

I haven’t heard a lot about this brand, but their Advanced Hydration Mask is really what got me interested and then their Vital Balm Cream is what got me really interested. His products just sound so nourishing and comforting, and I need that in my life.

Le Labo

Need I say more? I really want to try their fragrances and candles, but also want to try their shower products, and skin care. I love their lip balm— my only product from them– so I have high hopes for the rest of their brand.

May Lindstrom

There’s no question about it– her products are luxe. And I so wish they were in my skincare stash. If I weren’t saving up for some big-girl life moments then I would definitely splurge and get a few of her products, especially The Blue Cocoon, The Problem Solver, and the Honey Mud Mask.

Native Nectars

I just came across this brand a couple weeks ago, but their products have really intrigued me. They’re crafted in a mountain town in Colorado, use more natural ingredients (love that), and their packaging is very beautiful and simple– another thing I love. The products that I’m most interested in are their Resurface AHA Overnight Mask, Brighten Toning Mist, Clear + Glow Complexion Serum, and their Youth Glow Serum. 


I love cream products & products in stick form because on the daily I have neither the time nor the willpower to do the most when it comes to makeup. I still don’t own anything from their brand, but I swatched a few things at Ulta a couple months ago and they were so pigmented and beautiful.


This brand has been on my radar for a while, and the more I look at their products, the more I think I need them in my stash. Their USP is that they’re bringing fresh back to skincare. Generally, most skincare products are formulated to have at least a 12 month shelf life, but actives tend to break down over time. So for optimal freshness, and efficacy, they make their products in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks, and they last up to 9 months. They have a plethora of products I have my eye on, but I really want to try the Supreme C Serum Treatment, Vital Unifier, Vital Facial Cream, and Supreme Moisture Mask.

Royal Fern

I’ve been following them on Instagram for a year now, and I want it all– if only my wallet would agree! All of their products are based around the fern plant and their extracts, which research shows protects the skin’s sensitive cell DNA, protects against skin aging caused by UV rays, prevents elastin and collagen reduction and actually stimulates the production of collagen, all while having anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. You know I really love antioxidants!  The products I really want to try are their Phytoactive Cleansing Balm, Anti-Aging Serum, Hydra-Firm Intense Mask. They’re now available at Neiman Marcus, Space NK, and Forty Five Ten if you’re in Dallas!

Sangre De Fruta

I’m trying to focus more on moisturizing the rest of my body too, but tend to get lazy about it. Though, I’ve noticed that the more luxe the product and the packaging, the more inclined I am to actually moisturize because it’s more like a treat than a chore. The body creams I currently have my eye on from Sangre de Fruta are the Vetiver & Fleur, Melaleuca & Frank, Neroli Forever, Jasmin De Nuit, and Rose 01. They all look so lush, perfect for the dry skin on my body.


Can you believe I haven’t tried anything from them yet? Tbh, it’s kind of embarrassing considering I’m a skincare junkie. I hear amazing things all the time about their line, and really want to try their Essence, The Water Cream, and Sunscreen. If you’ve tried anything from them, let me know your thoughts and faves!


First off, can we talk about the beautiful packaging? Pair that with great ingredients and I’m sold. They basically have 3 products, a vitamin peptide serum (yum) and 2 oils, one for the warmer seasons, and one for the colder seasons because our skin does need different things for each. I basically want all three of their products, and you can buy them as duos or separately. I’m especially interested in the warm season oil since I live in Texas and it’s warmer here more often than not.

What brands are you interested in trying this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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