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Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars On The Go Review

I’ve been wanting to purchase some Charlotte Tilbury products for a while now so I finally decided to make an order on and purchase one of the Filmstars On The Go palettes. The collection has 5 little duos containing a cream eyeshadow along with a cream product you can apply to both your lips and cheeks for an easy, natural look. I really like when brands name their products something catchy or punny, and each duo in this collection is named after a classic Hollywood film. All About Eve contains a taupe cream eyeshadow with a cool toned dusky light pink cream cheek/lip product. Breakfast At Tiffany’s contains a bronze cream eyeshadow with an apricot/peach lip/cheek product. Rebel Without a Cause has a gold cream eyeshadow with a hot pink lip and cheek product. Some Like It Hot has a green-brown cream shadow and is paired with a bright peach lip/cheek cream. Last is the duo The Spy Who Loved Me, and this is the one I purchased. This duo contains a metallic rose gold cream eyeshadow as well as a cream mauve-ish berry blush/lip product.

So, continue reading for my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars On The Go review in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Charlotte Tilbury review, filmstars on the go, the spy who loved me review, beauty blog, rose gold makeup, luxury makeup
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars On The Go palette review

The products come in gorgeous rose gold packaging that is compact so you can easily take this on the go, which is the whole purpose behind them. Just pop this into your bag during a night out and you can touch up anywhere since it comes with a pretty big mirror.

Eyeshadow | The pigmentation of the cream shadow is pretty sheer since it is supposed to be natural, but it is buildable. I think this rose gold shade would be more visible on either fairer or darker skin tones. On my medium olive/yellow tone it kind of blends in and just adds a slight wash of metallic rose gold that is really pretty. If you’re one who loves natural makeup, this would be great for you, especially on the go. I find the best way to apply the eyeshadow is with your fingers. The eyeshadow felt a bit waxy at first, but once you work your finger into the product and warm it up a bit, the waxiness does go away. I applied the eyeshadow on my eyes without a primer to really see how long it would last and it lasted a good 7-8 hours on my eyelids before starting to fade. At around 12 hours it faded, but there was still a slight sheen left. The eyeshadow didn’t crease on my lids, but I don’t really have oily lids. If you have oily eyelids I would suggest using a primer first.

Blush/ Lip Duo | The cream blush and lip duo are more pigmented and don’t feel waxy at all. I personally like dabbing this on to my cheeks with my fingers and then blending it out with either a stippling brush or a denser fluffy brush like the Real Techniques contour brush. This adds a great natural flush to the cheeks, and it isn’t too much. If you are one who likes more than just a slight wash of blush, don’t fret, because it is easy to build up without looking cakey. Again, I applied this without any primer and it began to fade after 5-6 hours, but it didn’t fade in a patchy manner. At the 12 hour mark, the blush wasn’t visible at all. On me, blush is generally the first to go so the fact that it lasted 5-6 hours without a primer is pretty decent.

Packaging | The packaging is very beautiful and looks very luxurious, but I do have to say I was slightly disappointed with how it felt. I have seen many people post pictures of Charlotte Tilbury products, and the products always look gorgeous and very luxurious. That is why I was surprised when I felt the packaging. It is made out of plastic — I thought it was going to be metal– and it is very lightweight, but that is a good thing when traveling.

Charlotte Tilbury review, filmstars on the go, the spy who loved me review, beauty blog, rose gold makeup, luxury makeup
Swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars On The Go palette in The Spy Who Loved Me

The Good| Compact, pretty packaging, easy to use, blends out nicely, natural, long lasting, flattering colors, buildable colors, versatile, great for on the go.

The Bad| Pricey, eyeshadow was a bit waxy at first (but warmed up and became creamy when applied with fingers), packaging feels fragile.

The Verdict| I do like this duo. I think this is great for anyone who loves the natural look, doesn’t have much time to apply makeup in the morning, and needs to take something with them on the go (how many times can I say on the go in this post?), which is the whole point of this duo. If you like something more pigmented and need something for a full on a glam look, these probably won’t be your cup of tea. I do think it is pricey, but it is a high end brand so that is expected. Overall, I am glad I purchased this duo and have added it to my collection. Will I be buying more of these little palettes? Probably not right now, but that’s just because I have my eye on a few more products from them!

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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