Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation Review

Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation Review

Sephora has really expanded their K-beauty product selection recently, which I’m happy to see. I always go to this Korean shopping area that’s 20 minutes from my house to pick up and browse different Korean beauty products, but Sephora has really made it much more convenient!

The Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation really caught my attention when I was browsing Sephora online–such a dangerous habit– so I thought I’d give it a shot because I’m still on the hunt for my HG foundation. Plus, foundations never tend to be yellow enough for my skin tone so I thought these would work better.

The Good |

  • Contains skin-friendly peptides, silk amino acids, and collagen
  • Medium coverage
  • Buildable
  • Lightweight
  • Yellow toned
  • Good for on the go

The Bad |

  • Small color selection
  • Hard to store
  • Small amount of product
  • Can cling to dry patches
  • Pricey
Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation Review
Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation Review

The foundation retails for $38 and you receive .34 oz of product– OPI nail polishes have .5 oz of product for reference– so it is a small amount for the price. But, they say it contains skin-friendly peptides, silk amino acids, and collagen so there are skin benefits to this!

Once you open the tin container, there is a puff pad in there with a puff cover that you have to slip on the first time you use it. The recommended application is to gently fold the puff in half so the foundation comes out through the mesh cover in the center, pat it all over your face and blend with the outer parts of the puff. I actually bought this because from the picture I thought it would be similar to a cushion foundation, and didn’t realize it was a puff because I didn’t read the details on Sephora (oops).

The puff pad is alright. It’s not soft and cushiony like the BeautyBlender so blending out with it isn’t as seamless. Personally, I like to just dab it on my skin then blend it out with a BeautyBlender or Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

They warn you that the plastic container is for packaging, not storing, because if the foundation touches the plastic it can react and become warped. Personally, I find that a bit too complicated/confusing because how do I store it then?? You can’t leave the puff pad open because that’s just unsanitary so I do just store it in the plastic container. Fingers crossed it lasts well!

Packaging and quantity aside, I do like the foundation! It has a medium coverage that is buildable, but it doesn’t look cakey or feel thick– it feels very lightweight! It has a demi-matte finish so it’s not completely matte and still looks naturally radiant. It covers blemishes nicely, but it can cling to them, and dry patches, a bit after a few hours.

Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation
Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation in Natural for medium skin with yellow undertones

One set back is the color selection. They only have four shades and if you’re any darker than me (MAC NC35/40) then it’s not likely you will find a color match. However, if you do have light- medium skin with yellow undertones then I think the color selection would be wonderful for you! I purchased the shade Natural, which is for medium skin with yellow undertones, but it’s a bit light so I think I’d be in the shade Sand, which is medium-deep with golden undertones.

The Verdict |

I like the foundation itself, but I don’t really care for the packaging, which is why I personally wouldn’t repurchase it. It’s definitely an innovative idea, but I just think it’s a bit too complicated to apply and store so I don’t feel like it fits my needs. I’d be more inclined to buy this again had the foundation come in a regular bottle with more product. Though, the puff pad would make this nice for on the go because touch ups throughout the day would be easy. So, I’d give this a go if you’re looking for something to toss in your purse and use for touch ups.

Overall, this brand really does interest me and I’m interested in trying their C&T Blend Luminous Liquid Foundation and Bounce Up Pact Powder Foundation!

Have you heard of this brand? Are you interested in this foundation? Let me know in the comments below!

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