Current Nail Polish Favorites | Lilacism, Ballet Slippers, and Find Me An Oasis

Current Nail Polish Favorites

Bright nail polish is just not my thing. It looks gorgeous on others, but I personally hate it on myself. Freshman year of college you would definitely catch me wearing bright pink, orange, red, and sometimes even green and blue nail polishes, but now, no sir.

I’ve shifted from loving bright in your face colors to loving softer pastels, nudes, and neutrals– colors that are more soft and feminine versus bold and vibrant.

Even though Essie nail polishes do not have the best formulas in my opinion– OPI is my favorite– I love their colors, and can’t stop buying them.

Lilacism is a beautiful cool toned lilac shade with a cream finish. The formula of this is quite watery so it does apply a bit streaky, but if you apply two coats, and a good top coat on top, it sorts itself out and looks beautiful. I love pastel lilac shades, and if you’re also a fan of them, this is a must.

Ballet Slippers is probably one you’ve heard of. It’s a highly popular pale– almost white–  of pink. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this when I first purchased it, but it has really grown on me as I’ve transitioned into very pale pastel shades. If you’re a fan of very light milky pinks then this is a good one to have in your collection. Again, this is quite streaky, but two — maybe three– coats, and a good top coat, and this one looks really nice.

Find Me An Oasis is the newest Essie nail polish in my collection. It’s a very pretty– almost white– shade of pale blue. Noticing a slight theme here? Coincidence? I think not. I’ve been loving the “almost-white-nail” nail color so when I saw this, which was one of the last one’s in stock at Target, I quickly put it in my shopping cart and kept on strolling– impulse shopper much?

What are your current nail polish favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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