Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator review

Does It Really Work? | Flirt FLashes Lash Applicator

There are two types of girls in this world. Wizards girls who can rock lashes every day because they’re too glam to give a damn or muggles girls who save lashes for special occasions like going out. I am part of the latter group. That is why when it comes to mastering the art of applying false lashes, my mastery stops at about level 7. It no longer feels like I’m losing the battle when I try to apply them, but I could definitely use some help from the lash gods.

Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator review
Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator review

Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator

When I was given the opportunity to try the new Flirt Flashes Lash applicator, I quickly took it. Was this the heaven sent product that would save me from ruining another lash strip? Perhaps…

The Flirt lash applicator looks a lot like those Wite Out tape dispensers I would buy in bulk in middle school because my OCD self did not like having any scratched out writing mistakes all over my paper. This dispenser comes with 44 strips of individual lashes. Unfortunately, it’s not refillable so once you’re out, it’s gone for good.

Here’s what you do: you wind up the scroll until the lash is peeking out halfway, press the top button to grip the lash in place, apply lash glue (sold separately), let it get tacky, set the lash down wherever you want on your eye, and then use the bottom button to release the lash. Voila!

It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but this applicator does work. It’s definitely an innovative product, but it’s not without its flaws. It would be more cost effective if this was refillable and if they had a variety of lash lengths. All of the lashes are the same length so it’s really just ideal for sticking a few on the outer edges of your eyes and not the best for the inner part. Plus, I’m more of a full strip lash kinda girl instead of individual lashes.

Did it really change the way I apply lashes? To be honest, not really. I do like how pressing the top button down locks the lash in place because I’ve had to say RIP to way too many lashes that have fallen from the grips of my tweezers. That’s definitely a perk. The shape of the applicator is also really nice because you can hold it easily in a way that makes applying the lashes easy.

Is this is a must have for me? No.. In the end, I don’t think it revolutionized the way I put my lashes on. It’s a unique, innovative, and cool product, but so far, I’m still a tweezer gal.

Would you try this? Let me know in the comments below!

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