Makeup Tutorial: An Ode to the 90s

Hi Lovelies!

I recently relived my childhood by attending a Backstreet Boys (fangirling) concert, and I wanted to share with you beauties the makeup that I did for the night!




Steps to recreate the look:

  1. Prime your whole face with your favorite face primer
  2. Buff in the Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation, or any foundation you prefer
  3. Set the foundation, if you need more coverage, with a full coverage powder; I used Hello Flawless by Benefit
  4. Dab on some concealer under the eyes and use a fluffy blending brush to create a flawless finish
  5. Use some translucent setting powder to set the concealer under your eyes
  6. Prime your lids or use a nude colored cream eyeshadow base, I used Painterly Paint Pot
  7. Use a big fluffy brush and take a subtle brown color, blending it into your crease. Soft Brown by MAC is an amazing crease color!
  8. Then take a more defined fluffy brush and define your crease with the same color (you can use a darker brown if you want it to be more dramatic and smokey)
  9. Grab your favorite liquid or felt tip eyeliner and create a slight wing on your upper lash line
  10. Extend the wing a bit more with a neon liquid liner or any other neon color you prefer
  11. Run a cobalt blue liner on your water line
  12. Curl your lashes and apply a lot of mascara (add falsies if you want even more drama!)
  13. Then, back to the face; Use a lighter concealer or a highlighter pen and highlight under your eyes- using the upside down triangle trick- down your nose, under your brows, above your brows, on your cupids bow, and on your chin. Then blend that all in and set with a translucent powder
  14. Contour your cheeks, the sides of your face, your jaw, your nose, and your temple with a bronzing powder that is 2 shades darker than your actual skin tone
  15. Apply a natural blush; I used Peaches and Gingerly, both by MAC
  16. Highlight the tops of your cheeks with an illuminator or powder highlight
  17. Fill in your brows and set with a clear gel if you have thin or sparse eyebrows
  18. Line your lips with Rimmel’s Cherry Kiss lip liner, apply a light lilac lipstick and then blend the liner and lipstick together so there are no harsh edges, creating a slight ombre look

And voila! You’re done.

I hope you all like this look and recreate it! I thought it was essential for the concert to add a little bit of neon yellow in honor of the 90s, the best decade ever. Can we go back now?!

Let me know what you think of this look :). I absolutely love neon with a magenta/lilac lip right now. And, don’t forget to follow or subscribe for more makeup looks, tips–videos to come soon!

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