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Glossier Lidstars: Worth the Hype?

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s gotta be good enough for me, right?

Glossier Lidstars Review: Are They Worth the Hype?

Remember that moment Edward stepped into the sunlight for the first time and got Bella all hot and bothered because he was all sparkly in the sunlight? Well, I wanted to be Bella. And I wanted these lidstars to be Edward– sparkling and glowing so damn bright on my eye lids.

Glossier Lidstar review | Fawn, Cub, Moon
Glossier Lidstar review | Fawn, Cub, Moon

I have 3 out of the 6 shades:

Cub— a rose gold with warm shimmer

This one is my favorite out of the three. It’s not patchy and adds a light wash of rose gold to the lids with a slight amount of shimmer that makes it great for daytime when you don’t want anything too flashy, but still want a little something.

Fawn— a cool toned taupe with violet and gold pearl.

The shade that Beyonce wore and started it all. On me, this ends up looking muddy, almost bruise-like, and not very glowy or shimmery so it’s actually my least favorite. I wish it had more sparkle to dazzle up the base color, which is sheer and hard to build up. If this had been a bronze shade instead of taupe, I think I would’ve loved it a lot more.

Moon— a sheer cream with opalescent blue shimmer.

This one is very very sheer, and on my skin tone ends up looking slightly ashy– I believe due to the slight blue shimmer. I was expecting something more glistening and brightening, but it falls kind of flat on the eyes, and a little too sheer. I think this would look best on someone who is a lot lighter than my medium skin tone.

The good:

All of them set down easily so there isn’t any creasing, even without a primer, which is a plus. And I do like that it comes with a wand so it’s super quick to use. Just swipe, blend with your finger, and go. Another plus– they last all day. They don’t budge easily so if you’re looking for a wash of color to last for at least 7-8 hours before fading a bit, these would be good for you.

Glossier Lidstar review | Fawn, Cub, Moon
Glossier Lidstar review | Moon, Cub, Fawn

So, are they worth it?

TBH, with sadness, it’s a no from me. I know a lot of people like these, but personally, with a name like lidstar, I had much higher expectations. I guess I was expecting them to be like the Armani Eye Tints since the formula swatched similarly. But, the Armani is more sparkly and gives the eyes that dazzle I was hoping these would.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for something with a sheer wash of color and light shimmer then these might be worth it for you. But, if, like me, you were expecting them to reflect on your lids like a star, all sparkly and glowy, then you’ll be left on the prowl. I really wanted to like these, and was excited by how they initially swatched on my arm. But, that glisten and glow sadly didn’t transfer onto the eyelids, especially when blended out. Each time I wore them on my lids they just left me wanting. Personally, I much rather prefer applying the Glossier Haloscopes on my eyes. They give a sheer wash of color along with a bit of a glossy glow, perfect for everyday.

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Have you tried these? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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