glossier wowder light medium review

Glossier Wowder: Is It Really Wow-ing?

wow isn’t really what comes to mind when I think of powder.

glossier wowder light medium review

There was a time, long long ago, where I was super into the matte look. It was a look. And all the cool kids were going matte (I think?). But, right now it’s all about the glow.

So, is Glossier’s Wowder bringing matte back?

Wowder is Glossier’s take on loose powder. It’s housed in a little tub that has a mesh trampoline opening to prevent too much product from spilling out, which is always a plus because powder spillage can happen to the best of us, and getting it out of carpet is a pain. Been. There. 

The powder itself is super lightweight and thin, which I prefer, and comes in 3 shades: light/medium, dark/deep, and rich. I picked up the shade light/medium and it looks like nothing on my skin– in a good way. The tint isn’t super strong so it’s not going to really give you added coverage, but it just helps your skin look more seamless and soft.

The main reasons I like this is because it is very lightweight so it doesn’t look cakey or chalky, but it blurs the skin so even though it’s powdered, it looks super velvety. And, it keeps my underye concealer from creasing or looking heavily powdered. You don’t need a lot of product so a light dusting is enough. It is quite mattifying, yet still manages to look like your skin, but smoother. Throughout the day (about 6-7 hours in), the matte-ness of it fades on me a little. Things still look blurred, but it looks more “worn in” since the dew slightly peeks out. And I’m all for it.

I do wish the packaging wasn’t so Pop Art, and more like their traditional pink top with a “G” or “Glossier” written on top, but that’s really my only qualm with it. Luckily, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and the powder itself is v nice compared to other loose powders I’ve tried. Did it knock my socks off and put itself on my holy grail makeup list? No.. But, I can see why they called it Wowder, and if you’re in the market for a new one, I’d give this a try. If you have a trusty powder that works wonders for you, then I don’t think this is a necessity you have to go by ASAP.

Personally, I’d still rather look like a glazed donut instead of a powdered donut… 

… but this has become my go to under eye setting powder.

glossier wowder light medium review
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