Glossier You: The New Glossier Perfume

Glossier does fragrance.

I’m happy to report that as a self proclaimed perfume addict who is also somewhat headache prone when a fragrance is too potent or intense, Glossier You does not make my head pulse.


The New Glossier You Fragrance



You can definitely smell the warmth and slight muskiness and saltiness of You thanks to the base notes of ambrette, ambrox, and musk. The top notes of iris root, which is woody, earthy, and green, along with spicy pink pepper peek through just a bit to make this fragrance not so feminine and sweet.

I’ll be honest that at first spritz (in the air) I was a little let down…

I was expecting Glossier You to assuage my desire for something a bit darker and deeper, and to lean more unisexy. But, it was sweeter and reminded me a bit of Prada Candy (I don’t own this and I’m going off all the perfume counter whiffs I’ve taken of it over the years. Though, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve gone perfume counter whiffing), and Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Perfume, which I shamelessly (okay, shamefully) purchased after being highkey obsessed with Nicki Nicki since the early Young Money Cash Money days (wow, who am I?) when I was a wee teen.

But, after spritzing it onto my skin and taking sniff breaks throughout the night, I realized it changed and became less sweet and a bit less blatantly girly. I think this is why they call it YOU because you’re the first ingredient so it changes based on your personal skin chemistry. On me, it’s still floral and on the more feminine side of the unisex spectrum, but still a little musky and woody. I can’t really compare it to anything else that I own except it reminds me a tad bit of Nirvana White, but way less floral and in your face.

Longevity wise, this isn’t extremely potent when freshly applied so it’s not the most long wearing perfume on me. Emily Weiss says it best— it whispers instead of shouts. It starts to fade about 2 hours in so it is one you’d have to reapply and build up if you want the potency to remain or if you want it to be more intense. Still, it hangs on and a ghost of the scent will pass you by ever so slightly even without respritzing every few hours.


Buy it if you want something that isn’t overly intense, but leaves a whispering menage a tois of floral, woody, and musky tones on your skin.

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Will you be getting this? Have you smelt it yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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