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Glowy Cheeks with Beauty For Real

Something about warmer weather makes me crave a dewy and glowy makeup look, which is why I tend to use products that will give me that healthy “lit from within” look I so desperately crave. That is why I opt for more cream based products because they offer that dew and glow, while powders (other than my beloved powders from Hourglass) give me a more matte look.

So today, I want to talk about getting glowy cheeks with Beauty For Real*. I’ve talked about their products before, but they’ve since updated their logo, their packaging, and they’ve added some newer products to their line like the Lip Revival Lip Scrub, which has been great for exfoliating my lips and keeping them looking soft and plump!

Beauty For Real Blush & Glo Coral Crush/ Hi Beam
Beauty For Real Blush & Glo Coral Crush/ Hi Beam

Their Blush & Glo sticks are a 2 in 1 highlighting and blush stick, which allows for easy application, and the addition of ingredients such as Vitamin E, grape seed and pomegranate extracts provide anti aging benefits and antioxidant protection. So, not only will it give you a beautiful glow, but it will make your skin look better even without makeup!

The great thing about these is that they have a cream to powder formula so it won’t slip and slide all over your skin even in the heat, and I live in Dallas so trust me, these have been tested! They both apply smoothly, and are pigmented, but easy to blend out so it looks like you naturally have a beautiful flush and glow going on.

Beauty For Real Blush & Glo In the Pink/ Get Lit
Beauty For Real Blush & Glo In the Pink/ Get Lit

The two shade offerings they have in this range are Coral Crush/ Hi Beam and In the Pink/ Get Lit. Both are beautiful shades, and you can’t go wrong with either, but my personal favorite out of the two has to be Coral Crush/ Hi Beam because I find coral shades to be more flattering on my skin tone. Plus, Hi Beam gives such a warm glow to the skin– love!

Beauty For Real Blush & Glo swatches
Beauty For Real Blush & Glo swatches left to right: Hi Beam/ Coral Crush & Get Lit/ In the Pink

These couldn’t have come at a better time because I know they’ll become summer staples since they apply easily, give me a glow, and are small enough to throw in your purse for touch ups if necessary.

Have you tried anything from Beauty For Real? Do these interest you? Let me know in the comments below!

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