Buxom Full On Lip Creams White Russian, Lavender Cosmo and Dolly

I’m a Gloss Girl Now?

If you asked me a month ago what my favorite gloss was, I’d laugh in your face. Me… like lip gloss? Not going to happen, buddy. I was all about the matte lip. But, just as seasons change, so do my makeup preferences, and I guess I’m a gloss girl now? … who would’ve thunk it? Not me. No siree.

I’m slowly, and by slowly I mean frivolously, adding lots of lip glosses to my “loves” list on Sephora.com, but for the time being the glosses I’ve been loving are the Buxom Full On Lip Creams. For some reason, about two years ago, I had to have these after hearing good reviews about them so I went out and bought White Russian and Lavender Cosmo even though I had no interest in lip gloss at the time. I tested them out at home and liked that they made my lips tingle, but other than that they just sat unloved in my makeup drawer.

A couple weeks ago I was wearing a matte lip and sat down to take it off using my handy dandy coconut oil, and really liked the way it made my matte lip look glossy so I decided to reapply some matte lipstick and top it off with a Buxom Lip Cream and loved the way it looked. I still love matte lips, but I just like how the gloss looks fresh and makes your lips look nice and juicy.

So, the three Buxom shades I’ve been loving are White Russian, a nude pink, Lavender Cosmo, a pink lilac, and a mini size of Dolly, a mauve pink. These lip glosses are very glossy, creamy, not sticky, pigmented, but sheer, and they apply beautifully without tugging at the lips. They’re supposed to plump up your lips, which is why it tingles, but I don’t really notice a plumping effect.

Buxom Full On Lip Creams White Russian, Lavender Cosmo and Dolly
Buxom Full On Lip Creams top to bottom: White Russian, Lavender Cosmo, and Dolly

If you’re looking for some new lip glosses to try then I really suggest these ones. I’ve been wearing them non stop on top of liquid lipsticks and love the way it looks and feels on the lips. No goopiness..no fuss.

What are some of your favorite lip glosses? I want to try more! I’ve been testing out one from Hourglass for a few days and love that one as well. Review or nah? Let me know in the comments below!

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