Byredo Mojave Ghost hair perfume review

When Impulsive Shopping Pays Off: Byredo Hair Perfume

If it says Byredo on it, chances are I want it.

Sometimes I have shameful shopping impulses, which I try so hardly not to give into, but money comes, money goes, and I’d rather gain some happiness when it goes.

Byredo Mojave Ghost hair perfume review
Byredo Mojave Ghost

Enter: Byredo hair perfume


You know you’ve hit another level of bougie when you buy a hair perfume, but I guess I’m on that level.

Mojave Ghost is warm, powdery in a good way, woody, and slightly musky with a trace of “boy.” In the hair it stays put for a good 7-8 hours before it noticeably becomes less potent. Still, a subtle hint of it lingers until you wash your hair out. I wash my hair every other day or so, and trace amounts of it are still sniffable.

The scent is pretty intense so don’t go on overkill mode and spray a ton. If you’re like me and headache prone to potent scents then definitely be cautious– spritzing too much will cause one.

This was definitely an impulse purchase on my end (one I’ve wanted to make for a while *justification*), but it was totally worth it. It’s great whether you have freshly washed hair or not because it just adds another layer of smell good to you, but doesn’t weigh the hair down, dry it out or make it greasy.

Byredo Mojave Ghost hair perfume review
Byredo Mojave Ghost hair perfume

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Have you tried a Byredo hair perfume? What’s your fave Byredo scent? Let me know in the comments below!

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