Lab 2 Beauty I'm Turning Pro brush kit, review

L.A.B 2 Beauty Brush Review

Putting on makeup is fun and all, but if you don’t have the proper tools it won’t look as flawless as it can. I remember the good old days when I only had like 5 brushes, but those 5 brushes quickly turned into 50, and I’m always on the hunt for better brushes that are great quality, but affordable. Then I discovered L.A.B 2 Beauty brushes.

The Overview |

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • FiberLuxe technology
  • Very soft bristles
  • Soft touch brush handle
  • Blends beautifully

The L.A.B 2 Beauty I’m Turning Pro brush kit* is affordable ($13 at Walmart and $22 on Amazon) and you get 4 great quality brushes.

Foundation Brush |

LAB 2 Beauty I'm Turning Pro brush kit
LAB 2 Beauty Foundation Brush

This is designed to apply and blend liquid foundation or concealer. However, I never use these foundation brushes to blend in foundation/ concealer. I like to use this to apply liquid or cream bronzers like Giorgio Armani’s Liquid Summer bronzer (review here) and Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel cream bronzer (review here).

Buffing Brush |

LAB 2 Beauty I'm Turning Pro brush kit
LAB 2 Beauty Buffing Brush

A good buffing brush is key for applying powder foundations, and I really liked using this to apply my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation and to blend out the NARS Creamy Concealer on my forehead, chin and nose. The brushes are very soft, but dense, so it blends out liquid or powder products nicely and isn’t streaky at all.

Contour Brush |

LAB 2 Beauty I'm Turning Pro brush kit
LAB 2 Beauty Contour Brush

In my opinion, no brush kit is complete without a contour brush. This one is angled so it perfectly fits in the hollow of the cheeks and is super soft and fluffy so it blends out that contour seamlessly.

Eyeshadow Brush |

LAB 2 Beauty I'm Turning Pro brush kit
LAB 2 Beauty Eyeshadow Brush

The last brush included in this set is an eye shadow brush, which is like a fluffy flat shader brush. This makes packing eye shadows and pigments onto the eye lid very easy, and I also like to use this on the lower lash line to blend out any eye shadow. Again, the bristles are very soft so it doesn’t poke or prod your eyes when applying color. I hate scratchy eye brushes, but this feels very nice.

All of these brushes are made with FiberLuxe technology, which essentially means they are very soft synthetic brushes that are designed with the softest and highest quality fibers that provide superior pigment pick up and release, even color distribution, precise makeup application and flawless results.

The soft touch rubberized handle (i.e. the way NARS packaging feels) on these brushes is a very nice detail that I enjoy as well. It makes it very easy to grip on to the brushes and it won’t slip or slide anywhere. Another great thing about the rubberized handle is that if you put these brushes on a flat surface, they won’t roll away like most brushes do sometimes.

The Verdict |

I think these are really great quality brushes that are really inexpensive, especially if you buy them from Walmart! I’m actually very pleasantly surprised by how they blended out my makeup and how sturdy they felt. I use a lot of ELF brushes because they’re so inexpensive, but they’re pretty flimsy; these aren’t flimsy at all, and that’s amazing considering the low price.

What are your favorite makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments below!

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*Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me to test out and honestly review

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