5 blog posts you need to read

Links to Love # 1 | 5 Blog Posts You Need To Read

Because I’m not only a beauty junkie, but I’m also a blog reading junkie. And you should be too.

Links to Love # 1 | 5 Blog Posts You Need To Read

5 blog posts you need to read
5 blog posts you need to read
5 blog posts you need to read
5 blog posts you need to read

The Internet is full of quality content like the ‘cash me outside. How bow dat?’ girl– I’m joking. But, seriously, it is full of quality content. Finding the quality content is what can be difficult at times. Here is a roundup of 5 links you need to check out.

Imperfections, meet kindness– my thoughts after going makeup-free for a month

I love Paula’s writing because she always has a way of personalizing a post, and making it more relatable with her anecdotes. Trust me, you’ll be smiling at the end of this one.


Whether you’re a skincare novice or a skincare junkie who loves to read up on the subject, this post is for you. You can tell that Mili has done a lot of research, and she knows what she’s talking about. I always love reading skincare posts from fellow bloggers because they write in ‘human’ and not in an “I am a doctor and went to med school, here are some big words” type of way.

6 Useful Bullet Journal Spreads For Bloggers

Organization is to me how oil is to water. I’m constantly striving to be more organized, but we just haven’t mixed yet. That’s why I’m always trying to find new ways to up my organization so I can be more productive. That is when I discovered bullet journaling. I’m still an uber noob when it comes to all things bullet journal so this post has come in handy. If you’re a blogger trying to stay more organized and track your growth, check this out.

10 TED Talks for Creatives

I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts in the car because it helps me absorb some knowledge while I’m driving. I still like to jam out to some Nirvana or Drake, but it’s also nice to learn a few things while you’re stuck in traffic. These are some great TED talks to listen to if you need some inspo


Sigmund Freud and I have something in common. I blame my mother– when it comes to my hoarding habit. I hoard things because I’m always like “I’ll need that in the future.” I’m no where near the level of hoarding the people on Hoarders are, but we all start somewhere. Do I really need to hold on to those physics notes from high school I kept because they would come handy in the future? No. Because it’s been six years and I haven’t glanced at them even once. Declutter your life. Your mind will thank you.

Which blog posts are you especially enjoying lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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