Makeup & Skincare Haul with First Impressions| Oops, I Went Shopping Again. Feat. MAC, Lush, Sephora

“Oops, I did it again.
I played with some makeup.
Got lost in the store.
Oh baby, baby.
Oops, I think I’m in love…

My latest shopping trip was a success, and I think I’m good on makeup for a while (ha!). So, here it is guys: another makeup haul. You’re probably really annoyed of these, but I’m gonna go ahead and do my thang anyway. Hopefully my first impressions will help you decide whether or not you want something!

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1. EmbryoLisse Lait Creme Concentre, 2. Lush Tea Tree Water, 3. Lush Fresh Farmacy, 4. MAC Whirl, 5. MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, 6. MAC Quad, 7. Lime Crime Salem, 8. MAC Sin, 9. MAC Living Legend, 10. Becca Opal, 11. MAC Black Grape, 12. Lush Rose Jam, 13. MAC Soft Focus, 14. MAC Sketch, 15. MAC Deep Damson, 16. MAC Fever

MAC Black Grape| I recently did a review on these pressed pigments from MAC and spoke about getting some more later on. Well, it’s later, and I have had my eye on this shade for quite some time now so I went ahead and just threw it in my shopping cart. WHY NOT. These pressed pigments are very shimmery/ glittery and feel a bit firm, yet creamy at the same time. This particular shade is a smokey purple shade, which looks gorgeous, and even the lady at MAC told me how much she loves this shade in particular.

MAC Sketch| I’ve heard so many great things about this shade in particular and I desperately wanted a maroon-ish burgundy shade that has a little bit of shimmer because I don’t have anything in my collection like this. I was trying to decide between this and Cranberry, another beloved shade, but I decided to go with this one because it is darker and sultrier.

MAC Deep Damson| This shade is essentially the same as Sketch, but it is completely matte. I like this shade a lot and received a lot of compliments on my makeup when I wore this in the crease with Sketch on the lid. I believe this is only available at Pro stores so you’ll have to go there to purchase it or buy it online.

MAC Custom Quad Palette| Since the two eyeshadows I got from MAC were in pans I had to get another quad from MAC to store them. I like these quads from MAC because they’re easily customizable so you can mix and match shades to create one that you love. They’re also easy to travel with and it makes things much more convenient.

MAC Soft Focus| Banana colored setting powders for the under eyes are all the rage at the moment, and I love trying out new setting powders under my eyes to find one that works. I already own Emphasize by MAC, but that one is a whiter shade so of course I had to get this yellow-toned one. This is also only available at Pro stores or online, and comes in a pan form.

MAC Fever| I don’t have many dark blushes that are great for the fall/winter so I decided to pick this one up. This is a reddish-burgundy shade that is great for the colder months. I only really have peachy toned blushes, so this is a good addition.

MAC Studio Fix Powder| I already own this powder foundation in NC40 and love it. Like I stated before, I love trying out new setting powders for under the eyes so I purchased this in a lighter shade (NC25) so I could use it to set my under eye concealer and brighten at the same time. This also adds a bit more coverage, which is always welcome!

MAC Whirl| This lip pencil is a dusty rose color that is great for an every day makeup look. I love a good bold lip, but pinky nude lips are very classy and great for a daytime look if you don’t feel like rocking a bold lip.

MAC Sin| If you can find this shade in stores during the fall or winter, consider yourself lucky. I went to a MAC pro store as well as two counters and this shade was sold out at all three places. Luckily this was still in stock online so I ordered it right away. If you are into matte lipsticks in a deep, dark blue-red, almost burgundy, shade then you should give this one a gander. It is a bit drying, but nothing you can’t handle if you’re someone who loves a nice matte lip.

MAC Living Legend| This was a limited edition shade that I was able to get my hands on for once. This shade was also sold out at every MAC counter I went to, but it was luckily still available online when I checked so I bought this one online as well. Unfortunately this is now sold out online, which means you probably won’t be able to find this, but definitely check out your local MAC just in case. This shade looks almost exactly like Sin in the tube, but this is a lot darker. Online it says this is a deep plum shade, but I would say it is kind of like a reddish blackberry shade. This is also a matte shade, but it applies a lot easier and creamier than Sin, which is a bit drier.

Lime Crime Salem| I originally didn’t think I would purchase this shade, but I saw soo many people wearing this on Instagram that I decided to take a plunge and just buy it. I never thought a brown lipstick would look good on me, but I actually really love this. This is my first velvetine and I am deeply impressed. The consistency is just right. It’s not too liquidy and it’s not too thick. It glides on easily, it’s super pigmented, lasts for hours, dries to a matte finish, and doesn’t feel uncomfortably dry on the lips like Stila’s liquid lipsticks can. I can’t wait to finally get Wicked in the mail; it has been on back order for over a month now and I want to cry.

Lush Rose Jam| I’ve only used one other shower gel from Lush and that would be their Christmas time limited edition scent in Snow Fairy, but I don’t like the scent of that anymore; it is too sweet. So, I picked up Rose Jam, which is also limited edition and will only be available through December so pick it up while you can. This, shockingly, smells like roses. I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know if the scent lingers or if it makes your skin feel soft, but my sister is obsessed with this so hopefully I like it too. Unfortunately, this does contain sodium sulfate, which is harsh on your skin, and methylparaben, which is a synthetic preservative that can increase your likelihood of sun damage. On the bright side, methylparaben is the last ingredient in this, which means there is only a small amount in the product. As much as I despise the fact that this contains parabens, it does have less chemicals than other shower gels. I just hope Lush can somehow [soon] reformulate their products so they no longer contain any synthetic chemicals. ONE DAY. HOPEFULLY. End rant.

Lush Fresh Farmacy| Removing your makeup is a really important step in keeping your skin looking young and healthy so of course I had to impulse buy this while roaming around Lush. I only purchased a small wedge of this to try out so it was pretty inexpensive. This cleanser-in-a-bar is supposed to be great for people with sensitive, blemish prone skin because it contains calamine, chamomile, rose, tea tree and some other ingredients that soothe the skin and help it fight the ongoing, and sometimes painful, war with blemishes. I really hope this works!

Lush Tea Tree Water| Do I really even need to talk about this product anymore?

EmbryoLisse Lait Creme Concentre| I saw this when I went to Paris this past summer, but for some reason I never purchased it even though I have heard great things about this. People say this is their HG moisturizer so I decided to try it out for myself. I’ve only used this a couple times, but it is really creamy and hydrates the skin nicely. I think this will be great once the weather in Texas gets colder (if it ever does) and I start getting dry patches.

Becca Opal| I’ve heard SO many good things about these highlighters and I love a good golden highlight. I’ve been putting off buying this for a while so during my recent trip to Sephora I decided to stop ogling it and pick it up. I really like this. It is very pigmented, soft and applies smoothly. Next on my list is the Rose Gold shade!

Man this was a long haul. Kudos to you if you read through all of that!

Have you tried any of these products? What is on your makeup shopping list? Let me know in the comments!

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