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My Most Used Products of 2018: Skincare

2018 was by far the year of skincare for me and my obsession continues to grow. As much as I love testing out new skincare, there are a handful of products that I continuously used and frequently went back to throughout the year.

My Most Used Products of 2018: Skincare

Complex Beauty Baby Face Purity Mask

2018 was the year of probably the worst breakout I’ve ever had in my life. It was a continuous onslaught of painful, irritated pimples that were all over the sides of my cheeks, chin, and forehead. I’m 90% sure this acne attack come about because of a retinol product I was testing and the only thing that truly made a huge difference in calming down the pain, and reducing the size of my pimples pretty quickly, was this face mask. The biggest bonus is that it doesn’t strip your skin—which can make acne more painful–because of the creamy/liquidy consistency. I used this mask a lot this year and it’ll continue to be a staple of mine in 2019.

Complex Beauty Pout Protector Lip Mask

Hands down my most used lip balm ever— not just this year. They call this a lip mask, but I feel it’s more like a lip serum/ balm. It has a serumy oil-like consistency and leaves my lips so soft and plump. I used to have insanely dry/ wrinkly lips during the winter, but after using this consistently neither are a problem anymore. I even stopped obsessing over the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask after falling in love with this one.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream

This has been a major go to of mine since September because of the richer, but still not heavy, formula. I suffer from dry patches in the fall/winter so it has been one of my favorite products to keep dry, flaky skin at bay via the ceramides and hyaluronic acid. I mean, just look at that texture.

Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer

I love a lot of Drunk Elephant products, but my most used this year was this moisturizer. It’s a peptide rich moisturizer with a gel cream consistency that is super gentle and calming— a major bonus during my freak acne attack of 2018. I use this both day and night and never have any problems. It’s lightweight, doesn’t break me out, and actually moisturizes instead of sitting atop my skin.

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF

Hands down one of my most used products in 2018 because I wear SPF every single day and the consistency of this is my favorite. I love the gel formula, how it’s invisible on the skin, smells citrusy, and makes my skin very glowy. It doesn’t have that heavy SPF feeling that many have so it’s one I actually enjoy using. SPF should be worn everyday. Thus, my motto is to find one you actually enjoy applying and stick with it. I’ll definitely be sticking with this one.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

I’ve spoken about this cleansing gel quite a few times on Instagram because it’s easily been one of my new loves this year. I’ve been wanting this for years since The Anna Edit  introduced me to it. I can 100% understand the hype, especially in the wintertime when my skin gets drier. The gel to oil consistency melts beautifully into the skin, feels luxurious, and cleanses the skin while keeping it supple and soft.

Sunday Riley CEO Serum

Although this made my most used product list, I do have to be upfront and say this isn’t my favorite vitamin C serum. It brightens, but not significantly enough (or quickly enough) for the price point. But, I do still like it mainly because of the antioxidant protection and light lotion-like consistency that is moisturizing for my combo skin without feeling heavy. I picked this up last year in the January Allure subscription box so it was only $15. Would I repurchase this? If it was heavily discounted then yes, but I wouldn’t repurchase it if I had to pay full price ($85).

Sunday Riley Good Genes

No surprise that this was one of my most used products this year considering it is one of my all time favorite resurfacing serums. Glycolic acid is considered to be the most effective AHA as the smaller molecular size penetrates deeper, but lactic acid is my favorite. It’s gentle and I find that Good Genes really brightens, reduces post-blemish marks, and it makes my skin super smooth and supple. If only it wasn’t so expensive so I could douse my whole body in it and start anew.

Sunday Riley UFO Oil

A clarifying face oil that keeps pimples at bay and doesn’t make my skin feel like an oil trap? A must use, of course. This is an oil I always keep in my arsenal and go back to whenever my skin is breaking out. Whenever a breakout arises, I usually strip my routine way back and use this nightly to get my skin back in check.

Youth to the People Adaptogen Cream

From this list it seems as though I was a moisturizing fiend in 2018, but it’s more so that I’m picky with moisturizers, use them twice a day, and know what my skin likes. Naturally, there are a handful that were used significantly more over others. And the YTTP Adaptogen Cream is one of them. It’s so lightweight, yet nourishing, and doesn’t clog my pores making it one I’m always in the mood to use.

What were your most used/loved skincare products of 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

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