NARS Ita brush worth the hype?

NARS Ita Brush Worth the Hype?

Is the NARS Ita brush worth the hype? That’s something I thought a lot about before I closed my eyes, made the splurge and picked it up. The makeup junkie in me can only resist for so long, you guys! I’ve been testing it out for a couple months now so I can finally let you know: is the NARS Ita brush worth the hype?

So this brush is definitely up there in terms of price. It’s a natural bristled brush with a soft touch handle that will cost you a steep $55.

The Good |

  • Easy to contour with
  • Soft bristles
  • Functional handle
  • Creates a strong or natural contour

The Bad |

  • Price ($55)
  • Not versatile
NARS Ita brush worth the hype?
NARS Ita brush worth the hype?

NARS always has the most beautiful minimalist packaging and this brush is very visually pleasing, but the shape of the handle is also really functional. You can easily hold it in your hand like a regular brush and use the flat top of the bristles to contour or you can use the side of the bristles to contour and blend with– if that makes sense! I personally prefer using the side of the bristles because the handle allows you better control that way.

The bristles are soft and they’re not too fluffy or dense so you can still get a strong contour without it looking super unnatural. It did take me a little while to start liking this brush because I was so convinced it wouldn’t be that amazing since $55 for a brush is steep, and there are so many great quality brushes that are much cheaper.

One thing about this brush that I personally see as a downside because of the price is that it’s not versatile. Meaning, since it has natural bristles you can only use it with powder products. For the price, that is pretty limiting. The MAC 163 contour brush, which I have as well, gives you a strong contour and is easy to blend with, but you can use it with powders and creams because it’s synthetic and the bristles are more densely packed. It’s still pretty pricey at $35, but it’s still lighter on the wallet. Morphe also has some good dupes of the MAC 163 brush that are even cheaper.

The Verdict |

This is a really nice brush, and I can see why people love it so much. If you have the funds, I’d say you should definitely get this. However, if you’re on a budget I would say that this brush isn’t “you’ll die without it” status. So many companies make flat contouring brushes that you can definitely find one that fits your budget and is more versatile.

Have you tried this brush? Let me know in the comments below!

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