Glossier Zit Stick, a new acne spot treatment with 5% benzoyl peroxide housed in a pen-like rollerball tube to use on the go.

New Glossier: The Zit Stick Review

911. We have a zit-uation.

And it’s on my chin.

Enter Zit Stick.

New Glossier: The Zit Stick

When describing my sentiment toward pimples, acne, zits, blemishes, hell, the word “frustrating” is putting it rather lightly. Whatever you want to call it, I don’t want to have it.

Pimple cream sounds (and feels) antiquated. Like you’re a robe adorned woman of leisure whose only predicament in life is a barely-there blemish marring her otherwise flawless visage. Zit Stick, however, sounds like it’s on a mission. She’s here to tackle a problem, efficiently and with gusto. And Glossier’s Zit Stick does just that.

Housed in a rollerball pen-like tube in their now iconic shade of millennial pink, all you have to do is twist the bottom a few times and a creamy gel-cream comes out the top. Run the roller ball (made of antimicrobial steel) over your blemish and rub the product over your pimple to spot treat, no hands necessary. Best part: it’s completely translucent so it works really well under makeup and the steel ball helps calm and soothe swelling.

Zit Stick was created with the intention and ability to use it on the go.

Pimples don’t wait for you to be snug at home when you have the option to apply an opaque, mask like acne lotion/cream to fight it off. So, Glossier filled that void and allowed us to use it whenever, wherever.

It contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide along with tea tree oil, capryloyl salicylic acid (a gentler derivative of salicylic acid), niacinamide, and more to kill blemish-causing bacteria and clear up the zit-uation faster. I don’t love that it has dimethicone because that can be a blemish-causing ingredient for some, but it’s low on the ingredient list, and I have to admit: this works. I was skeptical. But, after applying it once to a blemish, leaving it on overnight, and waking up to said blemish completely dried out and barely-there, I was a believer. It worked for my sister too. She applied it to her blemish and within a few hours it had substantially reduced— just in time for a concert.

This is a nifty little go-to to-go pen to keep on hand for the times you get a spot that needs to be treated. It definitely worked on the blemish I had and I see this becoming my new staple for pimples.

Bonus: it’s $14 and a lot cheaper than some other acne spot treatments.

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Are you going to pick this up? What’s your favorite blemish helper? Let me know in the comments below!

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