Podcasts to binge listen to now

Podcasts to Binge Listen to Now

If I’m not listening to a Harry Potter audiobook then I’m more than likely listening to a podcast. A few years back I listened to Serial when it was hella popular, and haven’t stopped since. There are so many podcast gems out there, and these are some of my current faves that are great for all your different interests.

Podcasts to Binge Listen to Now

Podcasts to binge listen to now
Podcasts to binge listen to now

If you’re an adult, but still want someone to read stories to you… ALICE ISN’T DEAD.
It’s a fictitious story about a wife searching across America for her wife named Alice who has been presumed dead for years. It’s suspenseful, thrilling, and beautifully written. I just started this one, but it’s one you really want to pay attention to so you don’t miss out on any part of the story.

If you’re into pop culture and beautiful golden voices… HERE’S THE THING.
Fact: there are two people I’d listen to read a phone book– Alec Baldwin and Sarah Jessica Parker. Their voices are like sensual velvet. They’re sultry, raspy, soothing, and for some reason remind me of the 1920s because hello marvelous vocabulary. I’m here for it. Alec Baldwin hosts Here’s The Thing, and he interviews a bunch of celebrities/politicians/relevant people like (gasp!) SARAH JESSICA PARKER. Let’s just say it was pure music to my ears, and my ears and I were dancing merrily.

If you’ve been shown the light and love true crimeIN THE DARK.
I was hooked the second I started this podcast. If you like listening to the details of a case, and not just a quick synopsis then you’ll like this podcast too. The first season is about the kidnapping and murder of Jacob Wetterling in October 1989. What I like is that the investigator tells you everything very clearly, interviews relevant people, and shares news clips from 1989 when it first happened. It feels like you’re time warping back to the late 80s and getting to experience the zeitgeist of when it first happened. I don’t usually cry when listening to true crime podcasts, but for some reason this case really affected me.

If you’re a word nerd… MERRIAM WEBSTER’S WORD OF THE DAY.
If you’re a word nerd like me who’s interested in all things linguistic then you need this podcast in your life. Each part is just 2 minutes long, and tells you a word, its definition, uses it in a sentence. and goes a little into the origin of the word. I wish Americans in general spoke at a higher vocabulary level because language is so beautiful. Unfortunately, along the way we have watered down our speaking skills to “fleek” and “omg” instead of learning, and using, proper wordage. I’m trying to do better, and hope this rubs off on my blog.

If you once were lost, but now you’re foundMISSING RICHARD SIMMONS.
Yes. That Richard Simmons. The 80s workout icon who went off the radar for a few years. This podcast is already over, and there aren’t a ton of episodes, so you can binge it real quick. It’s about Richard Simmons, his life, and how he mysteriously went missing one day.

If you’re a comedy queen, but also a little dark… MY FAVORITE MURDER.
This is the podcast that– other than Serial– really got me into podcasts. I’ve been listening to this for over a year now, and I go through binge periods where I’ll listen to several episodes at once then wait a while so I can binge a few episodes again. If you’re into true crime and learning about different murder cases, but also want to laugh a little (the hosts are why this is funny, not because murder is funny!) then give this a listen. Some true crime podcasts are too frat boy “bro” so this is a breath of fresh female air. Georgia and Karen (the two hosts) are hilarious, and I’m even going to go see them live in November! SSDGM!

If you’re trying to better yourself, but don’t like preachy sounding things… THAT’S SO RETROGRADE.
I love a good self help kinda book or podcast, but some are way too preachy for my liking. The reason this podcast is a good one is because the hosts are super chill, fun, and cool. The kind of girls I’d actually hang out with, and like to have deep conversations with. They talk about juicing, crystals, meditation, intention, feng shui, and a lot more. 

If you’re ready for some crazy intense real time true crimeUP AND VANISHED.
Season 1 of this podcast is all about Tara Grinstead, a beauty pageant queen/teacher that went missing in a small town in Georgia in 2005. A lot of secrets come out in this podcast. I won’t give anything away, but it’s a whirlwind of emotion that leaves you feeling like “damn” at the end. Season 1 is over, but they’re working on season 2 right now.

Do you have a fave podcast? Let me know in the comments below!

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