Lime Crime Velvetine Review

Review| Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem and Wicked

EDIT| In light of recent events, I will no longer be promoting/ supporting this brand. Everyone has the right to form their own opinion, and although I did enjoy these velvetines, I do not believe in what this company has done nor do I respect the CEO. I’m not going to write a big post about the issue, but if you Google “Lime Crime scandal” you’re sure to find out what I’m talking about. Although I did enjoy the velvetines and really wanted Cashmere, Riot, and the Venus Palette, I will not purchase them and will find other liquid lippies and eyeshadows to spend my money on. I hope none of you were affected by the scandal, and if you were, I am very sorry! I hope this does not have a lasting effect on you and that you can get your money back!



“Give me liquid lipsticks or give me death” – Patrick Henry.

Just kidding, Patrick Henry definitely didn’t say that, but that’s how I feel about liquid lipsticks. I love lippies in general, but liquid lipsticks are my everything at the moment, which is why you know I had to try out Lime Crime’s ever popular velvetines in Salem and Wicked. I basically had no choice in the matter; it was a must.

Lime Crime Velvetine Review, Wicked, Salem, swatches, beauty, liquid lipstick, review, dark lips
Lime Crime Velvetines in Wicked and Salem

Wicked| Burgundy shades are extremely popular at the moment, especially since we are (almost) in winter. This is a gorgeous matte burgundy red shade that has a creamy consistency (however it is more liquidy compared to Salem). If you apply one application of this it is is a bit lighter and pinker in tone, but if you want a darker more intense burgundy shade then I suggest applying two layers of this to build up the color. I will say that when I applied one swipe of this over my lips it was a bit patchy, but on second application it evened out and was nice and opaque, and a bit darker. A great thing about this is that it doesn’t gunk up or feel uncomfortable on your lips, and it lasts a long time without transferring. If you love a matte burgundy reddish lipstick that has a pink undertone, I would check this out. This color looks amazing on practically everyone, and the color is very unique in my opinion!

Lime Crime Velvetine Review, Wicked, Salem, swatches, beauty, liquid lipstick, review, dark lips
Lime Crime’s Wicked applied over MAC’s lip pencil in Magenta.

Above is a swatch of Wicked on my lips. It is pulling more pink in this photo, but that is because I lined and filled in my lips with MAC’s lip liner in Magenta and only applied one application of Wicked, blending it into the lip liner to even out the color. It is more burgundy when applied on its own! I still love it with this lip liner, and it’s great if you want a pinkier lip.

Salem| I never thought that I, a brown girl, would ever want to purchase a brown lipstick! I held out on purchasing this shade for the longest time because I wasn’t sure it would look good on me since I am, as I said before, brown. However, I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried this shade on– it looks gorgeous!! It has a slight reddish tone (like a brick red) when applied on the lips (at least on me) so it isn’t just a stark chocolate brown as it is described on their website. Again, this dries to a matte finish and lasts a long time on the lips without transferring. I love liquid lippies because they dry matte and stay on like paint, and this one doesn’t disappoint! I do find that this one is more opaque on the first swipe and a tad bit more creamy in formula, which I like. I have seen so many people wear this shade, and it is universally flattering whether you’re pale or darker skinned! Pair this with lots of lashes, and yum, you’re going to look stunning.

Lime Crime Velvetine Review, Wicked, Salem, swatches, beauty, liquid lipstick, review, dark lips
Wicked and Salem when first applied and still wet.
Lime Crime Velvetine Review, Wicked, Salem, swatches, beauty, liquid lipstick, review, dark lips
Wicked and Salem when dry.

The Verdict| Although these lippies are a bit pricey, and only available online, which sucks, I do think they are worth the money! Both of them are extremely pigmented and dry to a lovely matte finish without being too dry or uncomfortable on the lips. The consistency and formula is a bit different between the two shades; I prefer Salem’s formula since it is creamier and more opaque with one application without being patchy, but both are still stunning shades. I have my eyes on Cashmere and Red Velvet so once they are back in stock I may just have to pick them up too!

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Have you tried these lippies? What’s your favorite liquid lipstick? Let me know in the comments below!

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