Skincare ingredients to include in your 20s

Skincare Ingredients to Start Using in Your 20s + Recommendations

Because taking care of your skin from the beginning is major key, and you should start a skincare routine in your 20s.

Skincare ingredients to include in your 20s for anti aging
Skincare ingredients to include in your 20s for anti aging
Skincare ingredients to include in your 20s for anti aging
Skincare in your 20s

Skincare Ingredients to Start Using in Your 20s

Gather a group of early to mid 20 year old girls and the topic of skincare is bound to come up. We’re growing up, our skin is beginning to change, it’s starting to lack its luster, smile lines are beginning to creep in, we’re still dealing with blemishes and scarring, and the excess amounts of alcohol, coffee, and lack of sleep we experienced in college is beginning to show. Have I depressed you enough yet? 

As I’ve fallen down the skincare rabbit hole, I’ve learned one major thing– prevention is key. It’s so much easier to prevent wrinkles than to fix them once they’ve settled in. By adding these ingredients to your skincare routine, you’ll clear up your complexion, and keep your skin looking youthful for longer. Wrinkles, come again another day… far in the future.

Hyaluronic Acid

Dry skin tends to wrinkle faster, which is why it’s time to up the hydration. Drink lots of water, obviously *Snape voice*, but incorporate hyaluronic acid because it’s a super hydrator and will leave your skin looking juicy and plump– it’s a good thing.
TRY: Glossier Super Bounce


If you’re trying to clear up raging pimples, and the scars they leave behind, then MSM is the way to go. It’s an organic form of sulfur, which is great at clearing and evening up the skin, and it’s deeply hydrating. Again, major key for preventing wrinkles and fine lines.
TRY: Complex Beauty Afterglow complexion mist


Get friendly with antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green Tea, and Vitamin A just to name a few. Being the homebody that I am now, I like to make myself a cup of green tea at night. Ingesting antioxidants will give your skin a boost from the inside, but slathering them on top of your skin will also help keep wrinkles at bay and clear up your overall complexion.
TRY: Complex Beauty Smooth Operator antioxidant mask; Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base


It’s a pure form of Vitamin A, an antioxidant, and it’s a big buzz word in the skincare community at the moment, but it’s not just a fad because they’ve been proven to work. Retinols prevent free radicals like pollution from damaging your skin, help overturn the damage caused by them, and boost collagen production, which decreases as we get older. Seriously though, they make getting older sound like a death sentence, don’t they?
TRY: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil; The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2% 


Collagen, remember, it’s that pesky protein that decreases as we get older, and causes our skin to age. Peptides help boost collagen production so your skin stays peppy, fresher and youthful for longer.
TRY: The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA; Algenist POWER Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum


Alpha hydroxy acids, aka AHAs, like glycolic acid and lactic acid, which are derived from fruits and milk, dissolve the dead skin that dull and age our skin. Using an AHA will allow your younger, fresher skin cells to grow faster, it’ll even out your complexion for smooth, clear skin, and fade fine lines/wrinkles.
TRY: Sunday Riley Good Genes; Pixi Glow Tonic; The Ordinary Lactic Acid + HA Serum; Algenist Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum


It’s a form of Vitamin B3, and another ingredient that fights wrinkles and even helps smooth out fine lines so it’s perfect for those little smile lines that are beginning to show up. It’s also great if you’re trying to get rid of any pesky spots that pop up, stay around way past their welcome (well, they’re not welcome in the first place), and leave behind a “present,” which in this case is hyperpigmentation and scarring.
TRY: Glossier Super Pure; The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc Serum; Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Mist

Of course, like with anything, consistency and regular use is very important if you want to see a difference in your skin, and to prevent wrinkles/other signs of aging. Ingredient lists can be confusing and tricky, but knowing which ingredients to look out for and to start including in your routine makes things a bit easier.

Skincare ingredients to include in your 20s for anti aging
Skincare ingredients to include in your 20s for anti aging

Any ingredients I left out? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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