Caudalie essence, complex beauty afterglow, tatcha water cream, tatcha water gel, saturday skin eye cream, biossance eye gel, boscia, little barn apothecary rosewater balancing mist

A Summer Skincare Refresh

Before we know it, summer will be here, and for me summer means two things: my face will become a skincare merry-go-round featuring a variety of face mists and all the gel consistencies I can get my hands on. Two, I will be perpetually slathering serum onto the expression-line areas of my face in hopes of prolonging said expression lines from arriving because I’ll be spending the next several months screaming every time I come into contact with a June Bug, cricket, grasshopper, and every creature that tends to come out of the woodworks in the hot Texas months. So, these are the products giving my spring and summer skin a skincare refresh (minus serums; that’s a whole other ball game).

Caudalie essence, complex beauty afterglow, tatcha water cream, tatcha water gel, saturday skin eye cream, biossance eye gel, boscia, little barn apothecary rosewater balancing mist
A summer skincare refresh

Refresh your summer skincare beauty products

Face mists for obvious reasons:

I won’t talk about my ultimate fave face mist, Complex Beauty Afterglow (oops, just did) because it’s an obvious one and a staple in my skincare collection. But, a few others will most definitely be added into rotation. Caudalie Grape Water because it has a continuous spray which means I can truly drench myself in its soothing, lightly hydrating, and refreshing goodness. And Little Barn Apothecary Aloe + Rosewater Mistto not only soothe my skin with its aloe + rosewater, but to give my nose a little smell good treat at the same time.

Face masks for even more obvious reasons:

Quick, effective, fun. It’s no wonder I love face masks and currently want to buy about 100 more. But, a go to that is going to be coming out to play in full force is the Complex Beauty Rose Glow glycolic mask. It’s a gel that I like to slather on with my fingers. It’s simple, refreshing af (rose water and glycolic acid), makes the skin super glowy and soft, and smells like someone buried your nose in 1000 roses and then buried you in 1000 more. The Farmacy Honey Potion mask is another that strays from your typical clay texture. You massage it in to experience the warming sensation while it lightly resurfaces and leaves your skin smoother. The third non-clay mask that is giving my summer skincare stash a refresh is the Little Barn Apothecary Calendula + Lycopene Hydration Mask*. The thin aloe-like gel texture is different than the other two, but is still lightly exfoliating, and hydrating. All 3 will leave your skin soft, velvety, and so smooth it’s criminal.

Essences because they’re the ultimate lightweight you’re-living-a-life-of-luxury step:

I am new to the world of essences, but they sure do make me feel extra– in a good way. Every time I pat one onto my skin I imagine myself lounging leisurely in this 16 million dollar home adorned in a satin robe, living the life of luxury I, at the age of 14, naively imagined I would live by the time I turned 25 and was blissfully married with a successful career. Oh, how the universe laughs. This summer I’ll be patting on two essences: the Caudalie Vinoperfect Glycolic Brightening Essence* and Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essencebecause at least I can exfoliate and brighten my skin back to the soft, supple, clear 14-year-old skin I once had.

Lightweight moisturizers that won’t leave your skin feeling like a greasy, heavy oil spill gone wrong:

In skincare speak, thick cream moisturizers are “nourishing” and “rich”. In reality, they’re heavy and too smothering come spring/summer. Enter: lighter moisturizers. Herbivore Botanicals Pink Cloudis a fan favorite creme that feels refreshing and smells like you just pranced through a rose garden after the rain. Boscia Revitalizing Black Charcoal Hydration Gel has a cooling sensation and is especially great for anyone trying to purify their pores. And two Tatcha hydrators that will also be joining us this summer is the Water Cream and the Water GelI have high hopes for both considering Tatcha is always raved about.

To freshen up my non-designer eye bags:

Again, lightweight gels are best if heavier consistencies cause milia for you like they do for me. The Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gelsounds like a good one to refresh, hydrate, and keep the under eyes healthy via peptides and apple stem cell extract. The Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Creamis one I already love. It has a unique viscous gel texture that is still light and feels cooling under the eyes. It’s especially perfect on warmer summer mornings when your under eyes could go for a splash of something more revitalizing.

What are you adding to your summer skincare arsenal? Let me know in the comments below!

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