2 new to me cream bronzers for a summer bronzed makeup look

Summer Sun Kissed With 2 New-To-Me Cream Bronzers

bronzers: the perfect way to look sun kissed minus the sun exposure.

I didn’t think I was a bronzer junkie, but I seem to have accumulated quite a few (okay, more than a few). Powders, creams, liquids– I don’t discriminate. They’re all welcome in my family.

There are two types of makeup appliers. The ones who take so long to do their makeup that they could’ve watched 3 episodes of Game of Thrones (i.e. the old me). And, the second type who prefer a more speedy makeup application (i.e. the new me– especially during the summer). That’s where cream bronzers come in handy.

Summer Sun Kissed With 2 New-To-Me Cream Bronzers

The Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer in Baked is one that I’ve been interested in trying for a long time now. It’s a super pigmented short, thick little stick. And, it has oils like mango, peach, and avocado so it glides on like butter and blends like it too. This specific shade is warm, but not too orangey on the skin so it gives the skin a warm pardon-me-I’ve-been-lounging-in-the-sun-and-drinking-margaritas look.

Personally, because of the shape this isn’t a great one to just swipe, blend and go. I wish it was smaller. That would make it much easier to apply directly. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to look like you just blobbed a bunch of bronzer on your face so the shape isn’t the smoothest to work with. I personally like to apply it with my fingers and either blend it out with them or use a beauty blender. It makes everything look much more seamless and blended.

The second cream bronzer is from a brand I’d never heard of– Olie e Osso. But, I gave it a try since I was intrigued by their packaging. I picked up the shade No. 6 Bronze. I thought it was going to be more pigmented, but it’s like a bronzey sheen with some subtle shimmer. I can get away with using this as a light bronzer on my skin tone, but it isn’t super opaque so depending on your skin tone this could be a bronzey highlight. Either way, it gives you a sun kissed look and I’m all for it.

It’s largely made up of shea oil, olive oil, beeswax, and grapefruit essential oil so the texture is more slippy, and almost teetering on the oily side. It doesn’t dry down to a powder finish like the Milk bronzer so it doesn’t last all day either unless you set it with powder. But, the size and shape of it makes applying it directly on your face a breeze. And, it’s the perfect addition for a quick bronzey, natural, effortless makeup look.

p.s. since the writing of this post I have purchased another cream bronzer. I don’t know whether I should *face palm* myself or be thankful that I won’t be running out of bronzers anytime soon.

Do you have a favorite cream bronzer? Let me know in the comments below!

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