I’m Bringing Berry Back.

Berry toned makeup for fall

Tell me you didn’t sing that in the tune of “Sexy Back” by good old JT. In this post, I’m bringing berry back — in terms of makeup and nails. Once the temperatures start to decline, you’ll find me scurraging through my makeup and nail polish stash in search of all things berry colored. So, … Read moreI’m Bringing Berry Back.

Favorite Permanent MAC Lipsticks

Favorite Permanent MAC Lipsticks, Yash, Velvet Teddy, Honeylove, Kinda Sexy, Ruby Woo, Rebel, and Sin, mac lipstick, swatches,

There is a reason why MAC lipsticks are so popular: it’s because they are great! They¬†are pigmented (depending on the finish), they are good quality and they’re not too expensive. Plus, they have a variety of shades so you’re bound to find something you like! MAC does have some great limited lipsticks, but they’re just … Read moreFavorite Permanent MAC Lipsticks

A Makeup Dupe| MAC’s Rebel Lipstick

Fall is coming so as we all prepare ourselves for the upcoming season by frivolously spending copious amounts of money on new Fall-appropriate lipsticks (maybe that’s just me), I thought a dupe was in order. MAC is probably one of the most popular brands when it comes to lipstick. Everyone has them; everyone wants them. … Read moreA Makeup Dupe| MAC’s Rebel Lipstick

Fall 2013 Fashion and Beauty Must Haves

Fall has finally arrived, and you know that means one thing for us girls: transformation. Although we have it rough in life compared to men, we get to rebrand ourselves and start over every season, which is the best part of being a girl in my opinion! So, in honor of my favorite season I … Read moreFall 2013 Fashion and Beauty Must Haves