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The Makeup Products I’ve Been Loving Lately

The pendulum swing has swung again. My love of makeup has made a comeback as I simplify my skincare routine and stop constantly reintroducing new products to my lovely acne-reactive face and these are the makeup products I’ve been loving lately. If you’re into a natural, dewy, blushy look then you’ll want these, too.

The Makeup Products I’ve Been Loving Lately

Fenty Beauty Match Stix
When they initially launched, I have to say that I wasn’t uber impressed. Concealer in a stick? Not entirely groundbreaking. But, almost 2 years later, and here I am: still ghosting my 10 other concealers and staying committed to this one. The formula works best when applied over moisturized and/or primed (if you’re trying to go the extra mile during your makeup routine) skin. The coverage is medium and personally I love blending it out with my fingers to really melt the product in, but a brush works well too.

Incredible Cosmetics cream blush*
With a pigmented, blendable, whipped cream-like consistency, these have fought their way to the top of my blush drawer. A little dab, tap, blend, and pat later, I’m living my best blushed life for that extra blushy sunkissed look I like. Tip: dab a little onto the bridge of your nose to look more fresh and rosy and thank me later.

Maybelline Great Lash (waterproof)
I may be one of the few who didn’t use Great Lash in her early 2000s youth, but I’m finally here a decade or two late. It makes my lashes very long, fluttery, and keeps my lashes so curled and lifted it’s like they’re wearing a push-up bra. But, here’s the thing: I don’t know if that’s because of the formula or simply because it’s waterproof. I’ve never tried waterproof mascara so this is a theory I need to test and will report back. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Maybe it’s just waterproof.

Ohii Beauty Lip Smudges*
They’re like the Glossier Gen G lipsticks, but more pigmented and smoother. You thought I loved the Gen G lipsticks? Well, I love these even more. Plus, the packaging is sturdier and feels more luxurious compared to the OG Gen Gs, which were flimsy and the packaging was prone to cracking. The shade Punch has become my everyday go to when I want some color, but nothing too bright or in your face.

Undone Beauty Water Bronzer*
Bronzer in a stick form is great, but a water bronzer in a stick form is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It offers a cooling water-like sensation when applied and leaves a bronzey, natural, skin-like stain where you blend it in. It’s quick, easy, and especially adored by me during the summer.


What are your favorite make up products lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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Products for a soft, dewy, blushy, natural makeup look
Soft, dewy, blushy, natural makeup look
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