Witchin’ Fashion

This blog post is LONG overdue. I was going to post this way back when the film came out, but I thought better late than never! 

The magical world of witchcraft has always been an intriguing, fantasy world that bewitches us mere mortal humans. With the release of Oz the Great and Powerful, the magical world has influenced one more aspect of our lives: fashion.

I was completely blown away by Oz the Great and Powerful. The movie was absolutely breathtaking and the clothing was exceptional. My favorite costumes would have to be Glinda’s white dress with silver sleeves and Evanora’s seductive black dress with the emerald cape. As much as I love Glinda’s innocent, pure look, I have been lured to the dark side. Evanora’s black sequin dress with the sheer neck and sleeves really hits the spot for me. And, let’s be honest, not many people can look as stunning as Rachel Weisz does while wearing a cape with a feather on her head– Daniel Craig is very lucky!

However, us commoners are not the only ones that have been intrigued by the magical world. During London Fashion Week designer Roksanda Ilincic revealed her Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection, which was influenced by witches. The unique flair that each ensemble has is what really gets me excited when I look at this particular collection. Each piece has some sort of “witchin” element. When I think of a fashion forward witch, her collection is definitely what I envision. It is a modern day take on a modern day witch.

Long gone are the days where witches wore ugly dresses and capes. As much as I love the three witches in Hocus Pocus–especially SJP– their outfits were not cute. The new “modern-day” witch would incorporate sexy, sultry colors into their outfits and create different silhouettes with their apparel, which is what Roksanda Ilincic has done in her collection. All photos credited to Style.

The long coat in this photo really reminds me of something a modern day witch would wear. The shoes really pull the ensemble together with its unique pattern that is reminiscent of being put under a spell.

A witch is not a witch without fur. The fur is definitely the piece de resistance in this outfit and the bright, bold color really pulls it all together.

Another long beautiful coat in a sweet, feminine color. She is definitely a good witch with a little bit of spunk with those shoes.

The pop of color in this design is beautiful and really adds some adventure to the outfit. The green reminds me of a play on witches and how they supposedly have green skin, but this green is a beautiful, modern shade.

Another pop of green with black, mustard yellow, and a strip of teal really accentuates the witchiness of this outfit. Of course there is a long fur coat– something that I truly believe a modern day witch would wear.

The fur peter pan collar really adds a modern twist to the trendy sea foam green fur coat.

Then there is black– a color that embodies the spirit of an evil witch. The inclusion of a wine colored midi skirt adds a sultry, sexy feel to the ensemble, and the black lace up boots really pull the outfit together.

Roksanda’s full collection is much more eclectic and stunning including soft feminine colors, bolder pops of color and of course black.
I love Roksanda Ilincic’s take on the modern day witch, and I am excited to see more beautiful witchin’ fashion in films and on the runway.
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