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Worth The Hype? | Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Review

I finally bit the [lipstick] bullet and purchased some lippies from Gerard Cosmetics, which is an extremely popular brand in the beauty community at the moment. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out if bloggers/ YouTubers are being paid to say they love a brand, and that can make purchasing products a little daunting. I purchased these lipsticks with my own money and I am not affiliated with the brand at all. My goal is to give my honest opinion about products because no one likes to be swindled into buying products that really aren’t worth their hard-earned money.

I have heard countless YouTubers talk about how great Gerard Cosmetics is, and especially how great their lip products are. I purchased three of their most popular and widely talked about lipsticks. Their lip glosses are mentioned a lot as well, but I did not purchase any since I personally do not like lip gloss, and I did impulse purchase a collection from them back when they were still Whitening Lightning; I was extremely disappointed. That is why I put off purchasing these lippies, but I haven’t really heard one bad review on them so I wanted to try them out for myself and decide if these were worth the hype. So, here is my honest Gerard Cosmetics lipstick review.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Review, 1995, Cherry Cordial, and Nude, Worth the hype, Gerard review, beauty blog
Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks L to R: 1995, Cherry Cordial, and Nude.

1995This lipstick is part of Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration with the brand, and it is, as you can probably tell by the name, inspired by the brown toned nude lips of the 90s. This shade is much more wearable and modern than the 90s brown lip, and it has a creamy matte finish. This one is my favorite out of the three I purchased because it is creamy so it glides on nicely and it looks gorgeous on literally everyone. If you are fair this will be a bolder brown toned nude and if you have a deeper complexion it will be a great nude that doesn’t make you look dehydrated. The lasting power of this shade isn’t that great, but it lasted on me around 3 to 4 hours. However, that is expected since it has a creamy finish and those tend to wear off your lips easier.

Cherry Cordial| (Find a dupe here) I was extremely excited for this shade because we all know that I love a good dark berry shade, especially during the fall and winter months. I was a bit disappointed when I applied this because it is extremely dry and it isn’t that pigmented on first swipe. It isn’t necessarily horrible, but this isn’t that great. I think you could find a similar color with a better formula. You really need to build up the opacity of this lip shade to get a dark opaque shade. If you don’t like overly pigmented dark red shades then this could work for you.

NudeOut of the three shades I purchased this was the most disappointing and underwhelming shade of all. I have seen multiple swatches of this online, but in person it was just very.. meh. The shade isn’t that beautiful, it is dry and hard to apply, it’s not that pigmented, and it doesn’t last on the lips very long. I also think this is more of a peach toned nude so naming it “nude” is a bit misleading since it comes off more peach (at least on my skin tone). I never reach for this shade and the only times I have worn this is around my apartment solely so I could review it for you guys.

The Good |

  • Packaging looks cute
  • Variety of shades
  • Always a discount code

The Bad |

  • Drying
  • Dragged on the lips
  • Not pigmented
  • Not opaque
  • Packaging feels cheap
  • Too expensive if paying full price
  • Doesn’t apply nicely


Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Review, 1995, Cherry Cordial, and Nude, Worth the hype, Gerard review, beauty blog
Gerard Cosmetics lipstick swatches: 1995, Cherry Cordial, and Nude. (one swipe of each)

Worth The Hype?| 

I definitely don’t think these lipsticks are worth the price. If these were drugstore lipsticks that cost around $5 or $7 then I would understand the hype. However, these are a whopping $19. I mean you could purchase a MAC lipstick and save $3, but get better pigmentation, application, and formula. The packaging looks nice, but they feel extremely cheap and fragile. My ColourPop Lippie Stix, which I will be doing a post on as well, apply much better and have better packaging. The one lipstick I do like is 1995 since it is more pigmented and creamy. Is it worth $19? No, but if you can find a coupon code that also gives you free shipping then this one is a good one to check out. Overall, I think this brand is completely overhyped and that means many people will give in and purchase their products, but I would save my money. I think I was just expecting a lot more, and it didn’t deliver. The number one thing we learned in marketing is always undersell expectations and over-deliver on service. This didn’t do that for me.

I’ve wanted their liquid illuminator, which is also raved about, but I think I will pass considering it is $36 and they only offer free shipping on orders over $75. I think I’ll just pick up another NARS illuminator, which is cheaper at $30!

Interested in more Gerard Cosmetics? Read more about their liquid lipsticks here.

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Have you tried any products from Gerard Cosmetics? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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