Youth to the People Adaptogen Cream review and texture

Youth To The People Adaptogen Cream

Moisturizer on acne prone skin can be two things. It can leave your skin moisturized, soft, smooth, supple, and unclogged. Or, it can turn your skin into a suffocating grease trap that erodes acne from the depths of hell that is your skin. I try to avoid the latter. And luckily the Youth To The People Adaptogen Cream does the former.

Youth To The People Adaptogen Cream Review

The Youth To The People Adaptogen Cream is interesting because it was the first adaptogen skincare product I’d come across when it was released in 2018. Ingesting adaptogens? Yes. Applying adaptogens to my skin? A new experience I was happy to experience.

The star of this ingredient list is their proprietary adaptogen blend of ashwagandha (antioxidant rich), reishi (strengthens skin over time & reduces inflammation), rhodiola (protects skin from environmental stressors & boosts collagen production) and holy basil (antibacterial & anti-inflammatory). It also features pentapeptide, a peptide complex that calms sensitive and irritated skin.

It has an almost creamy whipped consistency and melts into the skin once applied, absorbing quickly. Even though the texture is creamy, it’s not heavy and feels very light and soothing on the skin— a trait I look for in skincare as I do have easily irate skin and prefer moisturizers that don’t feel like a thick barrier is sitting on top.

Another upside: This moisturizer is season-proof. In the summer, you’re still giving your skin the moisture and protection it needs from environmental stressors— like UV rays, which are even more harsh come summer. But it’s not so thick that it feels like a layer of oily sweat is pooling atop your skin in the sweltering heat. Come winter it’s perfect because it’s nourishing without being heavy, but if you need to boost up the moisture it’s easy and light enough to layer with an oil—no pilling here.

Have you tried this moisturizer? Let me know in the comments below!

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